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Gold is the primary currency in WoW Classic

Gold is one of the currencies of World of Warcraft. The basic economy of World of Warcraft is based on gold. All basic things cost gold or rewards – > armour repair costs gold, food costs gold, transaction costs / rewards in auction house, work depends on gold, and then continue.

Of course, if you say that gold is the currency of World of Warcraft, that’s not true, because we have more currencies to consider. For example, valor is a currency for upgrading existing equipment.

Since the introduction of the World of Warcraft token, gold has a variable real value. In my realm: 72.000 gold is worth 20 euros. Or better yet, 20 euros can get 72.000 gold. Why is that better? Gold can only be held through the wow token and cannot be sold in real currency.

Does it worth to spend money on World of Warcraft?

Yes, it’s worth it. Listen to my advice, because I’m a desperate monster fan. But I do think you are worth $13.99 a month. This is a short list of $13.99 or more I spent last month, but I didn’t get half the subscription to World of Warcraft.

  • Go to the movies to see the suicide team
  • Three packages of frozen Shiduo pizza
  • Buying bingo games for an hour on a holiday
  • Subscription basic cable
  • 1 Bowling
  • One hour arcade games without brain

So for me, it’s very worthwhile. World of Warcraft touched on many areas of the game that satisfied me, such as hunting achievements, collecting pets and mounts, and strategies. Since the release of the game, I have been working hard and improving my character. Of course, I may play other games, but World of Warcraft is my game. In addition, Blizzard has been adding new content over the years, and it’s clear that they’ve heard from a lot of players – it’s improving with each expansion.

I don’t know of any other MMO that can meet the needs of so many types of players. The latest expansion, the king of Delano, adds functionality to almost everyone. Iron collectors like me provide new interfaces for pets, mounts, and toys in the game; serious players get mythical levels of dungeons and raids; weekend warriors can still enjoy many dungeon finder activities and raids, which are easy to pass even without any experience. You can customize the way you play the game based on solo or group play without feeling like you’ve missed anything.

Another interesting thing World of Warcraft does is that people can use gold in the game to buy game time. So technically, if you’re motivated, you don’t even have to pay a (reasonable) subscription fee. You can simply trade goods, sell them at an auction, and then buy game time in this way. Yes, blizzard.

How about WoW Classic?

I used to play games, but soon quit Legion. Based on what they have done, I have no intention of going back. In fact, some of their decisions on the upcoming expansion plan are too bad for me, so that they alone can make me resign.

But I can’t imagine Blizzard caring. Many people like their work, and many will stick to it. (if it sounds like I’m calling them stubborn fans, I’m a bit like that, but there’s no unexpected negative meaning. Many fans see the negativity of love and think that good is better than bad.)

I don’t see World of Warcraft dying until Blizzard does something to kill itself (like making direct sequels that compete with the original Not as I expected, mind.

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