Victario’s Acuity is a unique amulet. The base type is Turquoise Amulet. Turquoise Amulet has 4 unique versions: Victario’s Acuity, Ungil’s Harmony, Warped Timepiece, and Maligaro’s Cruelty. The required level is 16.
It adds 16 – 24 dexterity and intelligence. +(30-40)% to Lightning Resistance, +(8-10)% to Chaos Resistance, 10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill, 10% chance to gain a Power Charge on Kill. 5% increased Projectile Speed per Frenzy Charge. 5% increased Projectile Damage per Power Charge.
The flavour text is "Grind your words into sharp thoughts. Grind your thoughts into the sharpest of deeds."

Victario's Acuity

PoE Victario’s Acuity Price

PoE Victario's Acuity Price

The price of Victario’s Acuity Turquoise Amulet is 3 Chaos Orbs. Currently, an Exalted Orb can be exchanged for 160 Chaos Orbs.

How to get Victario’s Acuity

(1) Farming Victario’s Acuity by Slain Monsters

This item was exclusive to the¬†Onslaught league. It is currently only obtainable by trading with players or through¬†Zana’s map device.

(2) Victario’s Acuity Divination Card

These divination cards have a chance but not guaranteed:
10x Time-Lost Relic = 1x random unique league-specific item
4x The Body = 1x Random unique body armour
4x Jack in the Box = 1x Random unique item
8x Arrogance of the Vaal = 1x Random corrupted unique item

PoE Victario’s Acuity Build Guide

Less than 0.01% players choose this unique item to build their character.

Victario's Acuity Build