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The Warrior can be a defensive, shielded tank, a damage-dealing powerhouse, or a mixture of the two. Their abilities obviously pertain to the art of close combat; their stances carry with them different moves for different situations and party setups. All in all, the Warrior is one of the prime candidates to capture and hold the attention of creatures while they die to sword and spell.

As long as war is waged on Azeroth, there will be men and women who fight those wars. The warrior is no mere sword-swinger; they are skilled combatants, combining strength of arm, knowledge of weaponry and practiced maneuvers to slice or bludgeon their foes into little red bits. The warrior is the most versatile of the combat classes, and they supplement their fighting prowess with the ability to rally their allies and spur them to victory, but not only can they rally their allies into victory; they can themselves charge into the heart of the battle, take several lives and live to tell the tale. All races fight, and all races boast many warriors in their ranks. Warriors are common among dwarves, Forsaken, humans and orcs as well, less so among the other races. Masters of swords, spears, and weapons of all kinds, warriors share a common way of life on Azeroth. Using their abilities to deal pain and cause bloodshed, warriors are deadly adversaries and welcome friends in violent times (which seem to be all the time in recent decades).WoWRPG 54, 88 There have always been warriors in every race, from the murlocs to the tauren! Anyone willing to take up arms to defend their people can be classed as a warrior.


  • Learn from your mistakes, if you're not sure what to do in any situation ask someone who is more experienced beforehand.
  • Try assigning your hot-keys to keys on the keyboard. While this may not benefit you that much while tanking, PvP situations are made a lot easier if you know that pushing 3 will hamstring that rogue who is sprinting.
  • If you are playing an Undead Warrior, remember that your cannibalism skill will allow you to quickly get to full health (or near) when used near Humanoid or Undead corpses.
  • When you are still in the low levels, there are two instances that can help you gear your warrior for tanking. If you run Shadowfang Keep, you have the chance to get the Commander's shield, and that may last you to the mid 30s, where you would upgrade to the aegis of the scarlet commander at the Scarlet Monastary.
  • You can also go to Black Fathom deeps and quest for the Outlaw Sabre. That is a one-handed 19.0 dps sword, that probably will outclass a 2hander at the same level.
  • If you are the dps role with a party (PvE only) use heroic strike as much as other abilities; It adds a large amount of threat to the mob, and if the tank doesn't have that much aggro, you will be second on Threat meter so the focus is not on healers or other party/raid Squishies.
  • Fury warriors have an ability called Bloodthirst. (45*Attackpower/100) So 2000 attack power (45*2000 = 90,000/100 =900) That means each Bloodthirst deals 900 damage. It's an instant attack that heals you 5 hits later, not bad for 30 rage. Fury warriors can deal an insane amount of damage in PvE. The downside is that they don't get into instances so easily. Arms warriors are better at tanking if you want to maintain DPS (Arms Tanking will not get you very far end game unless maybe a back-up Off-tank)
  • Warriors with not so great gear have creamed other classes with good blues or epics, it all about how well you know how to play your class.


Wrath of the Lich King Warrior changes

Battle Shout will affect the raid, not just the party

Titan's Grip is a new Fury talent and allows warriors to wield a two-hand weapon in each hand.

Protection Warriors are getting a spell called "Shockwave" allowing them to damage and stun all the monsters in front of them.

Bladestorm will be a new Arms talent whirlwinding all enemies in range every x seconds for a few seconds.

Blizzard are working on improving Protection spec so it is more viable outside of tanking by increasing damage, with improvements to Heroic Strike, Revenge, and a new spell called Shockwave. Shield Slam will also be available to all Warriors.

The Warrior in Instances

The job of the Warrior in an instance group is usually that of Main Tank (although Fury Warriors have become more popular due to some changes in the Fury tree). The Warrior has access to a huge array of weapons and armor, an immense Armor Class, a large pool of Hit Points, and a large suite of abilities designed to make enemies focus on them and not the (less robust) members of the party around them.

The likelihood of Warriors finding themselves in an instance, and not the Main Tank, becomes much better if there is another Tank (a Protection-specced Warrior, Protection-specced Paladin, or Feral-specced Druid) doing that job already. In these situations, Warriors then become Off-Tanks, Main Assists, or Damage Dealers.

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