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70 Hunter's Guide to Gear

Please note that this is SPECIFICALLY for “new 70’s” that are looking to gear up quickly pre-raid and get their PvE on. I’m not including any BG/Arena gear here, as anyone who does enough PvP/Arena to get that gear should already know which stuff is going to suit them better in each situation, etc. Everything listed here is meant to replace the items (even the seemingly good ones) that might have been picked up in the 60-66 instances and quests, and prepare the person for getting into some heroics and even Kara.

Some key things to remember:

- Use Cheeky’s Spreadsheet, it really is useful.
--- Regular:
--- OpenOffice version:
- Remember to base decisions on your spec as well as overall value.
- These are generally not in any specific order other than those noted to be.
- Everything on this list is gained from quest lines or non-heroic 5-mans. This is EASY.
- I’m not including anything with +haste or that requires advanced mechanics knowledge.


:: Stalker’s Helm of Second Sight
Quest line in Shadowmoon Valley. Kind of long, but well worth it. This is really not replaced until you can pick up Epics from Kara+. This is so good and simple to get I have a hard time even listing anything else. Worth noting also, you technically can get the rogue one, but this really does have better overall stats.

:: Beast Lord Helm
Drops off Pathaleon the Calculator in Mechanar. This guy drops so much stuff for hunters it’s silly.

:: Earthwarden’s Coif
Quest reward for final boss in Steamvault. This is actually a very good head piece for a freebie. A lot of hunters will keep this gemmed for different purposes than the second sight helm and have both.

:: Helm of the Claw
Same quest as above. This is the leather version and is actually a nice overall dps increase, but you give up int, stam and mp/5.

:: Mok’Nathal Beast Mask
Drops off Exarch Maladaar in Auchenai Crypts. This is way ahead of it’s drop level really. Actually very nice, and only really replaced by the ones above.

:: Stylin Purple Hat
Crafted by Leatherworker. Overall not bad for PvP and stuff, but mostly it just rocks because it is a true “Pimp hat.”

:: Mask of Veiled Death
Random World BoE. Seems to go for 50-100g across the servers typically. Not bad, especially at L67, but quickly and easily replaced by many of the above.


:: Earthen Mark of Razing
Easy Quest line in Nagrand. Good to keep until you don’t need the HR any more or get something flat out better.

:: Jagged Bark Pendant
Off Warp Splinter (final boss) in Botanica. Decent drop rate, and very good neck for all specs.

:: Natasha’s Choker
Quest line in Blade’s Edge mountains, fairly time consuming but not difficult.

:: Necklace of the Deep
Crafted by Jewelcrafter and hits the AH at relatively cheap prices. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone considering SV spec. With 2x 8 Agi gems this gets you 37 Agi. Arguably the best option.


:: Beast Lord Mantle
Drops in Steamvaults off of Kalrithresh (Final Boss), which is a 45 minute run with a good group. I can not stress enough how important of a piece this is to get. The 2 pc. BL set bonus is phenomenal for 5-mans and even PvP, and these shoulders are hard to replace. Also, 2 pcs. Of BL drop on this boss.

:: Blackened Leather Spaulders / Talbuk Hide Spaulders
Rep Vendor for Kurenai (Alliance) or Mag’Har (Horde). These are very good for someone looking for pure dps.

:: Expedition Scout’s Epaulets
Quest turn in for first boss in Shattered Halls. Very good for MM and BM hunters (lots of HR).

:: Shoulderpads of Assassination
Drops off Talon King Ikiss (Final Boss) in Sethekk halls. Easy run with some nice gear on this boss (also a decent ring for you). Just don’t roll on this if the rogue needs it. :P

:: Sun-Gilded Shouldercaps
Drops off Chrono-Lord Deja in the Black Morass (Which you have to do for Kara attunement, btw). Decent set, lots of stamina.

:: Mantle of Perenolde
Drops off Epoch Hunter (Final Boss) in Durnholde. Let me say this early – Run lots of Durnholde. Don’t let the item level fool you, these are quite good for pure dps.

:: Towering Mantle of the Hunt
Drops off of Commander Sarannis in Botanica. These are pretty good for BM and MM.


:: Delicate Green Poncho
Quest in Nagrand. Takes a few tries for most people, but shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. This will last you til you snag a good drop in most cases.

::Cloak of the Craft
Random world BoE drop. Fairly inexpensive in AH. It lacks stam, but it has very high Agi which is nice for new SV hunters. Also has some HR if you need it.

:: Cloak of Impulsiveness
Drops off Lieutenant Drake in Old Hillsbrad (Durnholde). What did I say earlier? Run lots of durnholde.

:: Cloak of Malice
Drops off of Grand Warlock Nethecurse in Shattered Halls. This is the same boss you turn the quest in for the Expedition Scout’s Epaulets above.

:: Cloak of the Inciter
Drops off Blackheart the Inciter in Shadow Labs. Not my top choice, but worth noting since you will eventually have to run SL for key frag for kara, and there’s a few good quests for this instance.

:: Beast Lord Cuirass
Drops off Warp Splinter (Last Boss) in Botanica. Notice all the botanica drops? Yeah. This is one of the two best pre-epic chest pieces you can get.

:: Laughing Skull Battle-Harness
Drops off Temporus in Black Morass. This would be the other of the top two pre-epic chest pieces. Makes you wish cavern’s of time wasn’t in BFE after a while, trust me.

:: Felstalker Breastplate
Crafted and almost always available in the AH, this is a great option pre-drop, or if you just want to put the whole set together (3 pc). It’s actually a very good set for a new 70 and I highly recommend it. Mats aren’t terrible either.

:: Breastplate of Rapid Striking
Fairly common world BoE drop. Typically in the AH for pretty cheap. If you aren’t a crafter or don’t have a buddy that is that can cut you a deal on mats, this is a TERRIFIC option.

:: Chestguard of No Remorse
Drops off Hydromancer Thespia in Steamvault. Good for BM and MM.

:: Hauberk of Karabor
Quest line in Shadowmoon Valley. This gets a special note because when you turn in this quest you get a choice of a lot of stuff, and one of the other choices is a set of decent mail leggings. Choose wisely.

:: Mag’Hari Scout’s Tunic
Quest Line in Nagrand, Horde ONLY. Yeah, sucks for all you Night Elves. Decent chest piece.

:: Salvager’s Hauberk
Rep Vendor for Lower City. Very good if you need/want lots of +stam.

:: Stormforged Hauberk
Crafted by (self only) blacksmith. That said though, if you are a hunter blacksmith, this is a good thing to get ASAP. Really cheap mats overall, and a good piece to use til you get a drop on the top two.

:: Tunic of Assassination
Drops off Pathaleon the Calculator (Last Boss) in Mechanar. As I’ve said before, just don’t roll against a rogue on this if they need it. Very good chest piece though if you don’t mind getting no +int.


:: Felstalker Bracers
Crafted by Leatherworker. Even if you don’t go for the full set, this is typically what a LOT of hunters end up wearing until they get a good drop from Kara or a heroic.

:: Spymistress’ Wristguards
Quest reward from Shadow Labs. These lack AP, but the HR is nice for some people and the red gem slot is great. Also, completely free and you’re gonna run SL anyway. :P

:: Auchenai Bracers
Quest reward from Shadow Labs. Yep, the same quest as the other ones, actually. These are really only good for MM spec though.

:: Ar’tor’s Mainstay
Quest line in Shadowmoon Valley. This quest line also gets you a decent bow, though it's not listed below because it has a 2.6 speed, so you wouldn't want to keep it long term. In any case, very good quest line overall.

:: Beast Lord Handguards
Drops off Warchief Kargath Bladefist (Last Boss) in Shattered Halls. Along with the shoulders this is the other piece of Beast Lord set that you should really try to get. These are a nice swap in down the road when you want to get your 2 pc. Bonus for some situations, even after you’re all epic’d out.

:: Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator
Quest line in netherstorm (fairly long) – Aldor Version. It’s worth noting that these are actually pretty good, but you actually probably SHOULDN’T get them. You should do this quest line and get the ring. (You’ll see below)

:: Gloves of the Unbound
Drops off Wrath-Scryer Soccrathrates in Arcatraz. Solid gloves, though I’d still recommend beast lord.

:: Handgrips of Assassination
Drops off Aeonus in Black Morass. Yep another BM drop. Again, don’t steal these from a rogue.

:: Fel Leather Gloves
Crafted by Leatherworker. Very good for pure dps, but no stam or int.

:: Gauntlets of Desolation
These actually drop off of Bladefist as well as the BL handguards. If either drops, take it. The 2 pc. Bonus on Desolation is actually pretty good for hunters also and these are good for BM and MM hunters.


:: Blessed Scale Girdle
Rep Vendor for Sha’Tar. This is a great dps belt, especially for MM.

:: Felstalker Belt
Crafted by Leatherworker. The last part of the set, this is another good dps piece that is cheap and easy to get from a crafter.

:: Girdle of Gale Force
Random world BoE drop. Typically cheap and easy to find in the AH, this is not the best choice for BM or MM, but is a good choice for someone wanting to go SV early.

:: Marksman’s Belt
PvP Turn-in for Halaa in Nagrand. This is actually a well-rounded belt for any spec and fun and easy to get generally.

:: Shadowstalker’s Sash
PvP Turn-in for Halaa in Nagrand. This is the leather version and will give you more damage, but you take a hit on Int and stam.

:: Shattrath’s Champion Belt
Quest line to get the key to the arcatraz. While this isn’t terrific, it’s a decent dps belt, and you’ll end up with it anyway if you want your arcatraz key.

:: Rune Engraved Belt
Quest for first boss in Shattered Halls. This is the same quest you can also get some leather shoulders (noted above). Choose whichever one works for you at the time.

:: Socrethar’s Girdle
Quest line in Netherstorm (Fairly Long) – Scryer Version. This is a pretty good waist piece especially if you pick it up early (you can do this quest line before even hitting 70).

:: Telaari Hunting Girdle
Drops off first boss in Shattered Halls. Notice how much stuff you can get just from doing this one shmoe?

:: Scaled Greaves of Patience
Drops off Captain Skarloc in Old Hillsbrad (Durnholde). I can not stress enough how phenomenal these are for their level and item level. Gem them with 3x 8agi and they seriously are unbeatable until you get epics. Only downside is the drop rate can be pretty terrible.

:: Beast Lord Leggings
Drops off Warlord Kalrithresh (Last Boss) in Steamvault. This is the other piece that drops off this boss, and though they aren’t the best legs out there, they are very good, and will get you the set bonus.

:: Leggings of Assassination
Drops off Murmur (Last Boss) in Shadow Labs. Again, don’t take these from your friendly neighborhood newbie rogue that doesn’t already have them. :P

:: Fel Leather Leggings
Crafted by Leatherworker. As with the rest of the Fel Leather, it's decent enough for a hunter to use, and great if you need to make up a bunch of HR. Just keep in min the set bonus is mostly useless. :P

:: Leggings of Unending Assault
Quest line in Nagrand. Very easy to get, and will hold you over til you get one of the good drops listed.

:: Mag’Hari Huntsman’s Leggings
Quest line that is Horde only (mentioned previously). Very good leggings, choose wisely.

:: Nomad’s Leggings
Rep Vendor for Consortium. Very good if you want lots of stam.

:: Scales of the Beast
Random world BoE drop. Not overly common, but typically fairly cheap in the AH. Not bad at all.

:: Marksman’s Legguards
PvP turn-in for Halaa in Nagrand. Same setup as the belts, pretty good stuff.

:: Shadowstalker’s Leggings
PvP turn-in for Halaa in Nagrand. Same as above.

:: Sunfury Legguards
Quest line in Shadowmoon Valley. The same quest as one of the chest pieces above. Typically just take whichever you can use at the time.

:: Warpscale Leggings
Drops off Warp Splinter in Botanica. Not terrific, but if you happen to get them with nothing better when going for any of the other stuff in botanica, be happy and wear them. :P

:: X-52 Pilot’s leggings
Quest line in Netherstorm. Even if you won’t use these, do the quest. You also get the rocket helmet which is good for some fun.

:: Greaves of Desolation
Drops off Talon King Ikiss (Last Boss) In Sethekk Halls. Actually pretty good for MM, not bad overall.

:: Oilcloth Breeches
Quest line in Blade’s Edge Mountains. These are a nice holdover if you’re just getting to 70 and happen to be questing in Blade’s edge anyway.


:: Boots of the Outlander
Drops off Pandemonius (First Boss) in Mana Tombs. Seriously, these are another one of those super easy to get way pre-70 items that could potentially last you a while.

:: Sky-Hunter Swift Boots
Drops off Darkweaver Syth in Sethekk Halls. Comparable with the ones from Mana tombs.

:: The Master’s Treads
Random world BoE. Easy to find in the AH, typically pretty cheap. Ignore the stealth level and these are actually very good dps boots.

:: Boots of the Shifting Sands
Drops off Laj in Botanica. Pretty good for BM and MM hunters overall.

:: Fel Leather Boots
Crafted by Leatherworker. These are actually very good if you need the HR.

:: Band of Anguish
Quest line in Shadowmoon Valley. Very good dps ring.

:: Kaylaan’s Signet
Quest line in Netherstorm. This is the other choice in the Aldor Quest line, and generally the right choice.

:: Lightwarden’s Band
Rep Vendor for Aldor. Apparently Aldor get all the good easy to get rings. :P

:: Longstrider’s Loop
Drops off Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Mana Tombs. This is a very good pre-raid ring.

:: Pathfinder’s Band
Random world BoE. Usually super cheap and in abundance in the AH, this is a great dps ring.

:: Ravenclaw Band
Drops off Talon King Ikiss in Sethekk Halls. Only problem with this ring is the drop rate is terrible. This is a great ring to pick up though.

:: Ring of the Exarchs
Drops off Exarch Maladaar in Auchenai Crypts. Ridiculously easy to get, and a good overall ring.

:: Slayer’s Mark of the Redemption
Quest line in Shadowmoon Valley. Yes, that’s right, there’s two quest lines in shadowmoon alone that will get you really good dps rings. Too easy.

:: Aggressor’s Mark of the Sha’tar
Quest line in Netherstorm. Easy to get, not bad dps ring for BM or MM.

:: Conquerer’s Band
Quest for final boss in Shattered Halls (Horde). This is a freebie that is actually pretty good.

:: Naliko’s Revenge
Same as above but for Alliance. Lots of stam on this ring if you need it.

:: Ring of Umbral Doom
Drops off Thorngrin the Tender in Botanica. Yeah, another good item for you in Botanica. Yeesh.


:: Bladefist’s Breadth
Quest in Hellfire. Yeah, its picked up around Level 63, but it’s still decent til you get some drops.

:: Hourglass of the Unraveller
Drops off Temporus in Black Morass. Yeah there’s multiple drops you will want on the same boss in BM, and he never drops multiple items (prick). You’ll be running this a few times.

:: Abacus of Violent Odds
Drops off Pathaleon the Calculator in Mechanar. This is a pretty solid trinket, though the haste boost on this is iffy depending on your current speed. In any case, think of it as a minor rapid fire every 2 minutes.

:: Mark of Conquest
PvP in Hellfire and Zangarmarsh. This is actually a great trinket for a new 70 and is easy as hell to get.

>> Note: There are some very good crafted trinkets (alchemy, jewelcrafting), but they are BoP so…


:: Sonic Spear
Drops off Murmur in Shadow Labs. This is sort of the “must have” weapon for all new 70 hunters. Drop rate is not great, but it’s worth getting. The overall stats are terrific.

:: Hellforged Halberd / Blackened Spear
Rep Vendor for Honor Hold / Thrallmar. This is a great substitute for the Sonic spear til it drops, and if you don’t need the stam from sonic spear, this is actually a good choice to replace it completely.

:: Terokk’s Quill
Quest reward for Last boss in Sethekk Halls. Holy free ridiculous agility two handed weapons batman! This is a must have for any new SV hunter, though the two above are still better overall if you need HR or if you are BM or MM.

:: Crystalforged War Axe
Random world BoE drop. This is easily found in the AH for a relatively good price, and is the choice of BM and MM PvP’ers everywhere. Lots of Stam, and the dps stats are solid.

:: Skyforged Greataxe
Crafted (self only) by blacksmith. I only mention this one because as you progress, an axesmith can make the Lunar Crescent which is one of the best BM or MM weapons in the game pre-Kael’thas. This is pretty good too. :P


>> Note: I’m not going to bother listing all of the 1H weapons that would work for hunters. Seriously there’s probably 2 dozen quest and 5-man weapons that would be solid with +20 agi popped on them. If you happen to luck out and pick up a couple good ones before you get any of the 2H weapons above, go for it… but generally the 2H weapons above are still the better choices in the long run.

:: Telescopic Sharprifle
Drops off Pathaleon the Calculator in Mechanar. This is by far the best dps ranged weapon for a new 70. It has Agi + AP and a good speed. This is really only replaced if you just want different stats or get into heroics/raids.

:: Emberhawk Crossbow
Drops off Wrath-Scryer Soccathrates in Arcatraz. A decent step for any BM or MM hunter.

:: Melmorta’s Twilight Longbow
Drops off Chrono Lord Deja in Black Morass. This is a really good bow for BM or MM.

:: Ornate Khorium Rifle
Crafted by Engineer. This is moderately cheap and easy to get, and is a decent choice for a new SV hunter.

:: Recoilless Rocket Ripper
Drops off Mekgineer Steamrigger in Steamvaults. In line with others above for BM or MM.

:: Valanos’ Longbow
Random world BoE drop. This is possibly the most commonly used bow at level 70, even if only for a while. It’s typically cheap and readily available in the AH. Very good stats for BM or MM.

>> Note: Wait, there’s like 12 other ranged weapons that aren’t listed here? That’s because they are below 2.8 speed and will normally cause problems (or be flat out bad) for new 70 hunters trying to learn their shot rotations. Trust me. If you’ve got your rotation(s) down and want to play with some different speeds, go for it… but then, if you know your shot rotation that well, you probably don’t need this guide.
Quivers & Pouches
>> While I did say I'm staying away from stuff requiring heroics/nethers/ridiculous mats... the 24 slotters are just too good to not list. Thank you 2.3. :P

:: Knothide Ammo Pouch (20 slot)

:: Netherscale Ammo Pouch (24 Slot) >> Expensive! Worth it!

:: Knothide Quiver (20 Slot)

:: Quiver of a Thousand Feathers (24 Slot) >> Expensive! Worth it!


Just a quick list of the “preferred” gems by color:

:: Red
Delicate Living Ruby: +8 Agi

:: Purple
Shifting Nightseye: +4 Agi +6 Stam
Infused Nightseye: +8 AP +2 Mp/5

:: Blue
Solid Star of Elune: +12 Stam
>> Note: In almost all cases, you’re better served just getting a Shifting Nightseye.

:: Green
Dazzling Talasite: +4 Int +2 Mp/5
>> Note: In almost all cases, you’re better served using ANY other matching color gem.

:: Yellow
Rigid Dawnstone: +8 Hit
Smooth Dawnstone: +8 Crit
Brilliant Dawnstone: +8 Int
>> Note: In almost all cases, you’re better served using a Glinting Noble Topaz overall.

:: Orange
Glinting Noble Topaz: +4 Agi +4 Hit
Wicked Noble Topaz: +4 Crit +8 AP
>> Note: The theorycrafting is out there, NEVER get wicked noble topaz over Delicate living ruby. If you’re just hard up on cash and you have a noble topaz sitting around, go for it... but if you’re paying for the gem anyway, get the Delicate Living Ruby.

>> Note: Just to reiterate, the 3 gems you should really be using the most overall are:
- Delicate Living Ruby
- Shifting Nightseye
- Glinting Noble Topaz

:: Meta
Relentless Earthstorm Diamond: +12 Agi +3% Crit Damage
Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond: +12 Crit +5% Snare Resist (Stacks with Surefooted)
Potent Unstable Diamond: +24 AP +5% Stun Resist
Powerful Earthstorm Diamond: +18 Stam +5% Stun Resist
Swift Skyfire Diamond: +24 AP +Minor speed increase
>> Note: For PvE purposes the Relentless Earthstorm Diamond is by far the best choice. The others are listed because you may want one of them in a PvP swap out helm, and they are generally good choices for that purpose.


As always, let me know if there’s any mistakes or if you think anything should be added. You can always contact me through the SGSP below or by replying here. Enjoy.


Example Build:

Second Sight Helm, Jagged Bark Pendant, Slayer's Mark of Redemption and Lightwarden Band.
All 3 Pcs. of Fel Leather and all 3 Pcs of Felstalker armor.
Hellforged Halberd, Telescopic Sharprifle, Hourglass of the Unraveller and Mark of Conquest.
Beast Lord Mantle, Cloak of Malice, and everything appropriately Enchanted or Armor Kitted.
Gems vary between Delicate living ruby, Shifting Nightseye and Glinting Noble Topaz.

With that gear, a Night Elf L70 Hunter in a "standard" 0/43/18 build:

HP ~ 7100
MP ~ 6600
AP ~ 2100
C% ~ 26%
HR ~ 144
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