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WoW Battle Tactics and Tips

Becoming a skilled combatant in World of Warcraft will take time, effort, and practice. Here are some tips to help you become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Optimize Combat
With practice, you can fine tune your combat skills to the point where your reactions and decision making in combat become second nature. Optimizing your combat skills will help you and your allies to emerge from battle victorious, and with no casualties. You will become a better player overall, have an easier time in combat, and gain respect from other players due to your abilities.

  • Take time to organize your action bar. Put your most used abilities on the default hotkey bar. Put abilities you use less often on other "pages" of the main action bar, or on the optional upper and right side bars. These extra action bars are enabled through the Interface Options menu, and can be bound to keys using the Key Bindings menu. If you use extra pages of the main hotbar, learn to switch quickly between bars during combat (using shift mouse wheel or shift-2).
  • Use the hot keys for your action bar to use abilities and spells more quickly.
  • Learn all of your abilities. Learn the ins and outs of each ability you have so that you will know what it is used for and when to use it. If you need help, talk to more experienced players of your class or read class strategy guides.
  • Become skilled at maneuvering your character during combat. Positioning and movement are crucial to use many class skills and spells effectively. A combination of the mouse to control a character's facing and the keyboard for movement is an effective method for responsive movement.
Situational Awareness - Camera View
As you are fighting and moving around the world, use the mouse to rotate the camera around to view your surroundings. You can check if you're about to run into enemies, or if they're heading towards you. Keep aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when in combat - knowing the source of any threats against your character is needed before you can react to them.

Combat Log
Your combat log can be very helpful to inform you how you are doing and what is happening during combat, and to test the impact made in your abilities by talent or gear changes. Additionally, there are interface mods made by the fan community which can provide you with performance analysis.

Patch 2.4 Impovements:

  • New tabs are available for sorting combat messages.
  • Ctrl-right clicking functionality has been added for individual information sorting.
  • Colors may now be assigned for friends and enemies.
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