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WoW Frost Mage Pvp Tips

Hey there everyone, I wanted to help out some other people with some PVP advice is they so want it. This is not a QQ post, and it's just about how frost mages can use these tips to better themselves. Also, I welcome CONSTRUCTIVE critisism. I did this as a 17/0/44 build, and my playstyle is more around controll rather than being agressive. I don't say anything about water elementals just because I assume that you would have one out for kiting out or anything, it's your chocie for whatever makes this easier for you,

Well here it is, and I hope you enjoy.

Warriors - If you can stop their charge with Ice lance (assuming from a distance) You can take this time to get off a frostbolt or a sheep. I personally do the sheep just because it gives you more time to Frostbolt and more options. Once hte sheep is broken by frostbolt, keep casting another one. If he intercepts, BLINK. Always blink on Intercepts. Keep frostbolting until he nears you, then FN, Ice lance and CoC and then start a kiting circle around the warrior. Do not blink, and if he getse a spamstring on you, just trinket because distance is key. When he intercepts again, just blink. Continue this cycle until death, this kill can be easy but can also be tough if you get caught in a imp hamstring or a mace stun etc.

Rogues - These guys are tricky. You have to outlast their cooldowns. Do not try to sheep these guys unless you have targeted them before they have attacked. If they open with Cheap shot, take it, just last through it. Try to get them to burn Cloak of Shadows quickly, use a frostnova then blink then trinket to get a lot of distance. Generally they will bow CoS. Now run to try to get a kiting cycle going. If they deadly throw, then you have to try to sheep during this time. If you absolutly need to, Ice block to drop de-buffs so you can start kiting like you did with the warrior, and then you will win.

Shaman - Elemental Spec. You have to make sure you kill the grounding totems, and then sheep if you want some time for planning, then Frostbolt cast, and prepare for a earth shock (4 sec interrupt). Prepare for a counterspell and then FN Shatter combo (shatter combo is Frostbolt then Icelance before GBC). You have to basically DPS them through this period of Grounding totems and it is a simple fight.
-Enchancement shaman - Same strategy as warrior, with kiting mostly, but blink whenever you need to.
- Resto - Spellsteal earth sheild, and then just chain cast frostbolts until they have to heal and then counterspell and then you have 8 seconds to kill them.

Mages - I hate fellow mage fights. I don't like them at all. The trick is to plan out the time for your counterspell. Use instant casts until the other mage uses their counterspell and you have to use your fire / frost wards carefully. Use Instants until they counterspell, and then after that you have controll for when you need to cast because they have no further interrupts. (I don't have much to say here, due to hatred for dueling mages)

Priests - Shadowpriest. It's all about burning and making them use fear and silence early in the fight. After these have been burned, try to chain cast frostbolts and shatter combos and plan your counterspell for MB or MF or VT.. if they mana burn you, you have to take it, which is annoying.
-Holypriests. My second worst nightmare. When they fight you, you can only lock out their holytree. If they MB you, take it, If they Mana burn you, you have to take the damage. But be casting frostbolts to damage them and when they try to heal, thats what you save your counterspell for. It's annoying and hard to beat a holypriest 1v1 for that reason.

Paladins - Ok, ret pallies. Lol. Just survive the first burst, spellsteal BoF, and kite them. They have no other real abilities other than bubble.
- Holypallies. DPS them to bubble. After bubble, DPS them more. CS the heal. You win. Mages are the extreme Anti Pally

Warlocks - They are very spec dependant. If you face a UA lock, your going to need ice block and your water elemental. you need to make them cast a shadow spell. Always take hte first fear (or i do) and always trinket it out of the second one. CS the next shadowspell cast, becuase the warlocks DPS will be down for 8 seconds. Use this time to Shatter combo x2 (One ranged nova, and one close range nova). NOTE: After you close range nova, leave the warlocks 20 yard range, to get out of fear range. It's important to keep your distance to avoid fear, and if you find the dots stacking too much, Ice block. Ice block is a saver here because it gives you time to think of another scenrio. SL LOCKS. I don't even try here because it's almost impossible to kill without another person. Counterspell is nice here, but in 8 seconds, you can't down a SL lock (assuming in heavy PVP gear with stacked resilence). I am yet to down a SL lock 1v1 with more than 11k health. I'd like some advice here more or less.
Destructo locks. Not a lot of these now a days, but it is very much like the UA lock. All about the timed counterspell, Shatter combo's are essential. I don't see many destucto locks so I can't give you more advice, sorry.

Druids - Resto Druids - These guys are also the anti mage, but healing class. It is very difficult to time the CS due to a lot of different heals. With Hots, it's very difficult to shatter combo and frost nova due to their shapeshifting ability. If it's 1v1, it' will be a long, long fight. to be honest, I normally lose to them 1v1 due to lack of mana to outlast them. basically just cast frostbolts and try to time a CS when you can.
Feral Druids - All about kiting. You have to get them to oom off shapeshifting by using CoC, FN, Ice Armor, that sort of thing, use instant casts mostly until you can get some distance, Then casts frostbolts and just survive against them.

Hunters - This class is generally easy to beat. You have to be INSIDE THERE DEADZONE at all times. Against a MM hunter, take the scatter, and silencing shot and then when the trap is set (all hunters do this, lol) trinket out of the trap. When you FN the hunters, try to stay about 5 yards out to avoid wing clip and do a shatter combo. Use CoC and things to keep them in your range. Hunters are pretty much our chewtoys. BM Hunters are hard because you can't kite. What i do during BIG RED is Iceblock the first bit, and try to LOS them the last bit. Then treat them like MM hunters.

Felhunters - These things are bastards. They are in my opinon another class. They have hte counterspell of a mage, dispell of a priest, health of some raiders (Ie holypriests) and huge riesistance to our AOe spells like frost nova and CoC. The onlly time I kill them is when the warlock has LOS'd and relized I have too so I have time to cast against it. But too bad it reisists everything

Well I hope you learned a bit and I would like a bit of constructive critizism to add to this and so I can better myself too.
Happy PVP'n.


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