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WoW Shattered Sun Offensive Tips

The Shattered Sun Offensive, a new faction whose goal is to retake the Isle of Quel'danas from the forces of Kael'Thas, needs your help - luckily, the abundance of interesting and profitable daily quests gives you plenty of incentive to aid their cause. At higher reputation levels, there are also many useful and powerful rewards purchasable from the quartermaster.

The daily quests are focused on the Isle of Quel'danas itself, but there are many quests that take place in Outland as well. Not all the quests are available from the onset, as they are gradually unlocked by the each successive phase of your realm's Sunwell offensive. At phase 4, the final phase, the maximum number of quests are available.

The beginning quests that lead you to the Isle of Quel'Danas are found in Shattrath City. They take you to Azeroth (Ironforge for Alliance and Silvermoon City for Horde) where the flightmasters can send you directly to the Isle. You'll arrive in the staging area of Sun's Reach, near a boat that is a part of the invasion. From there, head out and look for questgivers in the surrounding area. For more details on the Shattered Sun Offensive, refer to the Fury of the Sunwell patch details and WoWWiki*.

Check out the Shattered Sun rewards on the armory.

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Isle of Quel'Danas Quests

These quests are gradually unlocked as your realm progresses through the various phases of the Shattered Sun Offensive. You can ask certain NPCs for updates on your realm's progress.

Erratic Behavior (subsequently Further Conversions)
Your quest objective is Erratic Sentries, which roam the northeast section of the Isle. After you have killed them, use the provided Attuned Crystal Cores on the disabled sentries. This will reactive the Arcane Sentries to turn them into friendly units. The sentries are mingled with the Wretched that are the objectives for another daily quest (The Sanctum Wards), so it is efficient to do both the quests simultaneously.

The Sanctum Wards (subsequently Arm the Wards!)
Kill Wretched Devourers and Fiends for a chance to obtain Mana Remnants. Once you have enough, return to the questgiver and use the Mana Remnants near the red floating crystals outside the buildings. You can find plenty of Wretched all along the shore, sometimes sleeping next to trees. Mana users may wish to focus on the Fiends, as the Devourers drain mana with one of their attacks. It is a good idea to do this quest at the same time as Erratic Behavior above.

Distraction at the Dead Scar (subsequently The Air Strikes Must Continue)
This is a bombing run quest similar to others in the game such as those for Ogri'la and the Sha'tari Skyguard. Place the provided Arcane Charges on your action bar for easy access. To start your run, talk to one of the NPCs next to the flightmaster where you originally arrived and ask him to send you out. Once you're in the air, you need to wait until your dragonhawk is over the Dead Scar region. Click on the Arcane Charges and target the monsters below in the targeting circle, and continue until you have bombed the requisite number of targets. The Wrath Enforcers are the smallest and most numerous targets, and you can often hit several with one bomb. The Eredar Sorcerers can be seen on various elevated platforms casting spells, and also take one well-placed bomb to dispatch. The Pit Lords are the biggest and least numerous targets, but require multiple hits to take down. If you didn't get all the targets in one run, don't worry - you can repeat the bombing run until you complete the objectives. This quest can be done in a group to make it easier, but make sure that everyone embarks on their bombing run at approximately the same time.

Know Your Ley Lines
There are three locations where you need to use the provided Astromancer's Crystal. Locating the specific sites to use the crystal is initially tricky, but once learned the quest becomes trivial to repeat. Since the process of taking the reading is just slowed and not completely interrupted by enemy attacks, you can even take the reading while being attacked if you are willing to take the extra time and damage. This quest also rewards a single-use scroll that teleports you to Shattrath City, which is handy since it is on a separate cooldown from your hearthstone.

The Battle for the Sun's Reach Armory (subsequently The Battle Must Go On)
Kill demons in Dawning Square, in the immediate vicinity of the large portal, and plant your Shattered Sun Banner on the corpse of the Emissary of Hate. You don't have to be the player who actually killed the Emissary in order to plant the banner. The portal itself is one of the objectives for Know Your Ley Lines.

Intercept the Reinforcements (subsequently Keeping the Enemy at Bay)
This quest combines a bombing run with a kill objective after landing. Talk to the same NPC by the flightmaster that sends you on the other bombing run quest (Distraction at the Dead Scar) and ask to be sent to dispatch the reinforcements. In flight, you need to use the provided Flaming Oil to destroy the enemy sails on the three boats. Place the Flaming Oil on your action bar for easy access. Once you land, your next objective is to slay Dawnblade Reservists. The Reservists can be found on each of the three boats, including right where you land. If the boat you are on is crowded, you can try swimming to one of the others.

Taking the Harbor (subsequently Crush the Dawnblade)
Once this quest is available, you finally have a purpose to killing those annoying Dawnblade that the Isle of Quel'Danas is crawling with. Your objectives are Summoners, Blood Knights, and Marksmen. Marksmen are the easiest to find, including around the starting boat used for the invasion. Summoners are found in Dawnstar Village, and have an imp which is annoying but has low hit points and is easy to kill. Blood Knights can be found patrolling Dawnstar Village and the areas around the Sun's Reach buildings.

Making Ready (subsequently Don't Stop Now)
This quest takes you to Greengill Coast, the eastern shore of the Isle, to kill Darkspine naga. Hunt the Darkspine Myrmidons, who have a chance to drop the Darkspine Chest Keys which unlock the chests scattered throughout the coast. The chests contain the Darkspine Iron Ore which are the objectives of the quest. To check how many keys you have, open your key ring.

Open for Business
Mar'nah at the Sun's Reach Harbor wants you to gather Bloodberries, which are scattered throughout the Isle. This simple quest is well-suited to be done on the side as you complete other daily quests.

A Charitable Donation (subsequently Your Continued Support)
This daily quest is unusual in that it asks you for gold instead of rewarding gold - and in return, you gain a chunk of reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive. Simply hand over the gold donation to complete the quest. This quest is no longer available at Exalted reputation.

A Magnanimous Benefactor
In exchange for the modest donation of 1000 gold, Anchorite Kairthos will grant your character the title "Of the Shattered Sun." This quest is only offered at Exalted reputation.

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