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Tips on joining a Guild

Heya all, just wanted to know if anybody had any tips on joining a guild. I have been playing since the Beta and have enjoyed the game much to this day. I have, over the long monthly bills, been in several guilds but each one either disbands or transfers. My luck with guilds has been terrible so I thought I would post my personal opinions on a guild and see if I have the wrong attitude about what a guild should be. Currently I am in a guild helpping lowbies with my spare time becuase I hated not getting any help when I was lower level lol. Here I will list how I see a guild and what I think my role is, feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions, they would be much appreciated.

I believe a guild is a family so to speak. A group of people who have banned together under a guild name to work towards achieving set goals whether it be to clear new content first or to simply do 5 man quest together. Working together a guild is a large team that should respect and work with each and every member to strengthen the guild as a whole as well as form a small community within the guild itself. A guild should work for the guild, not the individual.

When it comes to gear, I believe that the more crucial members to the guild (such as the main tank that is always on for raids) should be outfitted first then the gear goes down the latter (assuming the guild has a DKP system like most do). When new members are trying to join a guild I believe they shouldn’t be too upset when an item they could have used is disenchanted to a nexus crystal to give superior enchants to the more veteran guild members. An applicant to a guild has plenty of time to prove themselves to be a good member and shouldn’t deny higher ranking guild members opportunities for enchants, gear etc that they need or could use to greatly benefit the guild simply because they want it. Build up DKP and be patient, work with the guild and the guild will work with you.

As far as personal relations go with a guild. Follow your unique guilds rules and respect them. Sure everyone has their "times" when they mess up and are too rude or obnoxious, but those who do it constantly are simply disrespecting their guild. Guild leaders and officers (or even choice members that occasionally lead guild raids) should be cooler headed when bad things happen in raids such as mistakes that lead to a complete wipe. Encourage members to better there skills and press forward rather than to yell at them and get upset. They should keep in mind, it is a game, and people make mistakes. Instead of going crazy over them, learn from them and press on. Even the none leader type of members can greatly benefit those in positions of power by giving there unique tactics, views and even input on a situation. Everyone who attended the guild event (raid etc) is there for a common goal, work towards that goal and not against it realizing that you are a team, and should work with the team and not just for yourself.

I am currently looking for a guild and still I have no luck and could really use some tips on how to join one. Should I change my views on how a guild works or do I just have terrible luck when it comes to finding a good guild? I would appreciate anyone’s opinions, and please keep in mind this is my personal point of view on what a guild should be and my role in a guild as a member. Thanks for your time ^^

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