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WoW NPCs Mailing Tips

Check your mailbox when you come back to town. You never know what might be in there!

Make sure you send your mail to the correct person. Their name must be spelled correctly or the mail may go to the wrong person, just like real email!

Mail is great for trade skill craftsmen. Have your friends or guildmates mail you ingredients and recipes. You can also sell items you have created to other players by C.O.D. You can advertise an item and offer to mail it to the buyer. Another mail option is for someone to send you a reminder that they want you to create a certain item for them.

Before paying for a C.O.D. item make sure it is set at the correct price. You do not want to overpay for an item.

If you receive an item/mail you do not want, click on the return button to return it to the sender. Be sure not to click this button by mistake.

Remind people that items will take one hour to arrive. Players unfamiliar with the mail system might expect it to be delivered instantly. You can send mail instantly to your own characters but mail to other accounts containing items or money will take an hour.

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