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WoW Professions Tips


  • Buy stacks of Profession components from other players. That is faster than collecting them on your own! Have your friends save up components too.
  • Devote a certain bag to carrying your Profession items. You can even pick a different-colored bag if you have one, to make it easier to find.
  • Know which classes will need the products that you can create with your Professions:
    Mail: Warriors, Paladins (Hunters and Shaman can start wearing mail at level 40)
    Leather: Rogues, Hunters, Druids, Shamans
    Cloth: Mages, Priests, Warlocks
  • Know which Profession components to save while you are fighting. You can sell them to other players or give them to friends, rather than selling them to the merchants:
    Blacksmithing: jewels, metal bars, linen, wool, leather...
    Engineering: jewels, cloth, leather, mechanical items, metal bars...
    Leatherworking: leather, ruined pelts, hides...
    Tailoring: linen, cloth, wool, silk...
    Cooking: meat, various monster parts...
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