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There are three kinds of delivery for the SWTOR Credits you ordered: via in-game mail, directly face to face or auction house. “Ingame mail”, your SWTOR Credits are sent to you in the game by mail. You can check any mailbox in SWTOR and take your SWTOR Credits from the proper message. The Credits are attached to the in-game mail. “Face to face”, an employee of our supplier will hand over your SWTOR Credits to you in-game. During the ordering process, please provide times when we can reach you in the game, and you will be notified within this period of time in SWTOR. Please meet the supplier instantly to get your SWTOR Credits. The meeting point will be announced via chat message. “Auction House”, just need you to list an item on the auction house and set the buyout price as the amount you have ordered from us, and leave the item name in the comments when you place the order. We will buy your item and then you can get the credits you have bought.

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Kindly Reminder: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling service or illegally obtained gold.

Is Gamereasy Fake or Legit?

gamereasy is a professional online store that mainly concentrates on providing cheap gold made by hand for you. They have the professional handmade team, no hackers or cheats, you’re absolutely safe and secure. What’s more, they are the best shop serving you fast and safe delivery.

Fast & Safety Trade: By keeping a website up-to-date, can ensure an upscale shopping experience thanks to a reliable and secure transaction platform: your payments as well as any information given are 100% protected and will never be acquired by any third parties.

Delivery Questions

1. How long does delivery take?

If your order is in stock we can usually deliver within 30 minutes. Deliveries can occasionally take up to 90 minutes or longer, however, depending on order volumes and game server traffic. However, this phenomenon is an unavoidable component of trading. We suggest you check the stock on our live chat before you place the order in order to have a quick delivery.

2. How is delivery accomplished?

After you complete the order process and have sent payment, the order appears in our delivery queue in the order in which it was received. Our delivery team will then log into the appropriate game and contact the character specified on the order form. If our delivery team is unable to make contact, an e-mail will be sent to the contact address provided. You may reply to this e-mail or log onto our live chat to verify the status of your delivery.

Is Gamereasy Scam

I have purchased several things from Gamereasy including, SWTOR credits and items. Every single time, they delivered just like they said they would and never slipped up. I have even slipped up and put the wrong server in the past, and they still gave me a chance to change the order. I’m sticking with Gamereasy in the future, they are reliable and I see no reason to change.

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