Established in 2006, Gameusd has been focusing on safe virtual currency and professional power leveling services.They are committed to outstanding customer services and competitive prices. They are much more different than your typical gaming service website. They are a customer first website that guides you along your purchase to make sure you are satisfied. By picking games that are in demand we ensure that they can meet all customer needs.

Gameusd(WOW Gold Wholesale Prices)
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Why Choose Gameusd


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Philosophy: GameUSD has always believed that providing customers with superior service is the key to building loyal relationships. Our customer-centered philosophy is embraced by every employee at GameUSD and is evidenced by the policies we stand behind, including:

1) 100% Money Back Guarantee – We promise we would refund you based on your request at any time before delivery if you are not 100% satisfied with our service.

2) 24/7 Customer Service Support – If any rare occurrence happens, you may use our 24/7 Live Chat function to let us know. Our fully trained customer service staff are standing by and will be very happy to help you!

Is Gameusd Legit

Gameusd provides gamers with fast transactions, 24-hour customer service and guaranteed legit transactional security. Gameusd is dedicated to improving gamer services and fostering a more enjoyable gaming experience. At Gameusd, our priority is you. We review customer feedback continuously and strive to improve our services based on your requests and comments. Check out our customer reviews and send us your comments and suggestions on Trustpilot, Ownedcore, Epicnpc, Mmobux, Resellerratings, Bizrate,etc.

Note: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

Is Gameusd Safe

Please don’t consider my gut feeling to be a character witness, however,been using it for a few moths now, preety safe for me and it works wonders 
lowerping is 100% safe and it works better.
The programs they utilize are fairly safe, open source and been around for some time, but with anything there is always a risk, however big or small, from using it. You are choosing to send your WoW data over these people’s servers and letting them route and do what they please with it. 

Gameusd Delivery and Refund Policy

1.We provide different prices for different delivery speeds. The prices are updated automatically every 10 mins. You may choose a price and ETA(estimated time of arrival) while making order.
2.100% Money Back Guarantee – We promise we would refund you based on your request at any time before delivery if you are not 100% satisfied with our service. 

Delivery Methods:
1.Face to Face Trade: Never giveback gold to anyperson as we will never ask our person to ask any stuff back. 
2.Deliver by Auction House Buyout(only for wow gold order): please set several items in AH with buyout price,Then we can buy. Total buyout price is the same with your order amount.

P.S:Please use blue,purple,green item ,because white or gray item seems to be suspicious to Blizzard.

3.Ingame mail(only for Star Wars order)

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