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Itemgarden is one of the earliest internet game items and value-added services suppliers that provides the players worldwide with legit and convenient services.

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Itemgarden is a safe website to buy gold. It has fair price, safe trade method, and excellent service team.

Can I make a fraud Itemgarden takes any sort of fraud extremely seriously. Whether it is paypal fraud/credit card fraud, or internet fraud, we completely cooperate with paypal, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement officials to apprehend the individuals or groups behind this. is committed to the prevention and prosecution of any kind of fraud. Some of our fraud prevention measures include:

IP logger, for verification and tracking (we know your IP address) 
Contacting Paypal to retain customer telephone numbers (We might call you) 
Email/Chat logs 
Verification of telephone number and address (we only accept paypal payments that include a CONFIRMED SHIPPING ADDRESS) 

In the rare event that a fraudulent order passes our screening process, we will report the fraudulent activities to the appropriate legal authorities and provide those authorities with the necessary information to complete an arrest and prosecution. Your ISP will be notified of your fraudulent activities and they will punish you according to their User Agreement and/or Acceptable User Policies. We might also initiate civil action against you, depending on the ammount of money involved with your fraudulent activities. All information supplied to the appropriate authorities will include, but is not limited to purchase history, IP addresses, Chat history, email history, email IP addresses, customer telephone numbers, and customer addresses associated with paypal. 

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