Looking for wow friends in strange places

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You can meet friends in the strangest of places

I am a mount collector. I love my mounts. As someone with around 280 of them, it is something I enjoy doing. So much so my sister and I do weekly mount farms together. Every week we make a day of going after mounts. Nearly a week ago I told her ‘There’s a really gorgeous purple bird.” She shows me the mount, I tell her that’s it. I am not a raider. So, when I found out you get it through a raid, I felt discouraged.

After all, I missed out on the moose mount last expansion. In Battle for Azeroth, the Violet Spellwing will be getting removed from the game. Every day, my sister and I tried to get this group. At item level 925, I wasn’t exactly a desired healer for Heroic Antorus. I could hold my own, however. I was considered a carry. We did run into some elitists and jerks who wanted me removed from the raid. They just wanted it easy.

Looking for wow friends

After a few more attempts, it started getting even more discouraging. I even asked one of my friends, who is also a writer for DVS, to come to help me. He came for as long as he could. We ended up stuck on Aggramar. During this time, I had no idea I was forging friendships. We were adding each other to battle tags, I was joining their guild on raids.

The Kindness of Strangers

Complete strangers were even offering to help me through mythics and lfrs to get me some gear. Some even tell me if I transferred to their server I could have a spot in their guild. I shy away from raids due to the number of elitists you run into. They take the fun out of raiding for me. So, many of these higher geared players who have helped me to get the famed bird, or at least attempted, showed me that as many as elitists there are, there is also a wide range of friendly and helpful players.

I still consider myself a non-raider, and tend to be more casual than anything. Raiding is not everything to me in the game. But, with the right set of people, it can be made fun. In the end, it is more important to me that I had fun getting my mount, but that I paved the way for some friendships along the way. This gives me hope for future raiding and the future of World of Warcraft.

Have you made any friends in an unlikely place in World of Warcraft? Do you have your Violet Spellwing? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you