Nasomi,A ffxi community based around the Chains of Promathia era of Final Fantasy XI.Nasomi is a free to play, non-official FFXI server based around the 2005 era of the game. Nasomi provide an old school style of play in the world of Vana’diel for players who want to re-live the nostalgia of 2005.The rules are fairly simple. No cheating, exploits, hacks, 3rd party programs, or add-on’s not specificially approved by Nasomi.

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Nasomi is the Best FFXI Private Server.A private ffxi server dedicated to reliving the 2005 era, when the community was strong and you worked together.


Nasomi FFXI Server

Nasomi is a free to play, non-official FFXI server based around the 2005 era of the game. We provide an old school style of play in the world of Vana’diel for players who want to re-live the nostalgia of 2005.

Nasomi went live on July 28th, 2013. Since then it has progressively gained popularity among those who wish to play the game during it’s peak era.

Best FFXI Private Server

  • Q: How many people actually play on Nasomi?
    • A: As of November 2017, there are approx 1500 unique IPs connecting per week and 600 per day, with hundreds of concurrent players online at a time.
  • Q: Is that enough for me to find parties?
    • A: Yes. There are often multiple parties fighting it out for camping spots in the dunes and elsewhere. A level sync system is available, however, you cannot reach 75 in the dunes. Level sync is adjusted automatically based on the current server population, which helps EU and off-peak players.
  • Q: What expansion does Nasomi go up to?
    • A: Nasomi is a CoP era server with some ToAU functionality such as the ToAU jobs and ZNMs. It is possible that ToAU will be added in full, but it isn’t a priority. Zilart missions, CoP missions, Sky, Sea etc are fully functional, and the endgame scene is competitive and rewarding.
  • Q: Are there any jobs that would help me group up easily?
    • A: Don’t feel pressured into playing any particular role just to find parties. Don’t feel as if you need to play a BST because you think you’ll never find parties on a job you’d like to play. The server population really is large enough to support partying at all times.
  • Q: I’m lost. Where do I meet people? How do I find help?
    • A: /shout in any city and you’ll find the help you need. You could also join us in naschat and ask some of the players that hang out there.

How to get banned

TL;DR – You Do Bad Stuff, You Get De-Leveled or Banned

  • Use hurtful or crude language
  • Block someone’s progression
  • Trick someone
  • Hacking, Use of third-party Programs or other manipulations, is bad mmm’kay?
  • Be an RMT
  • Badmouth someone else or a group of players
  • You only wish you were a GM, stop pretending

Level Sync

  • Level sync is enabled on Nasomi. This is a party leader-activated system whereby the level of all party members is restricted to that of a designated player. When this feature is activated, all members of the party will be able to receive an amount of experience points corresponding to the level of the designee, regardless of any initial disparity between them.
  • Level Sync will remain in effect only within the area in which it is activated, and will automatically be deactivated for all members should either the party leader or the designee leave the area. For all other players jumping to new areas, synchronization will be deactivated only for themselves.
  • Activating Level Sync will cause the status enhancement effects of all party members to be nullified. Since status effects such as Invisibility, Sneak, Protect, and Shell are cancelled (with the exception of effects granted through the use of an item ), please exercise caution when activating Level Sync, or when joining a party where the feature is presently active.
  • The maximum amount of levels that you can sync through Level Sync changes based on current player count. When the player count is under 200, the maximum sync range is 40. Below is a table of sync ranges and player population counts.
    • /sea all rolls over after 256. This means if 260 people are online, /sea all will say that there are 4 people online. Use the population tracker on the website or add 256 manually if the number seems strangly low (under 150 for example) to get the actual pop value.
Player population Sync range
< 200 40
200 ~ 300 30
300 ~ 400 20
400 ~ 500 15
> 500 10

Getting Started in FFXI

1. Open your menu with – on the numpad
2. Press left/right arrow key to change to the other menu tab, then select Config
3. Gameplay: Sort: On
4. Chat filters do not work. You must use the Log settings instead
5. Windows: Shared: Horizontal. Window 1/2: Adjust Window Width to whatever you see fit
6. Misc: On-screen damage display: Both
7. Misc 2: Background Aspect Ratio: Likely 16:9. Set this to the Aspect Ratio you used for your window
8. Misc 3: Party Icon Display: On. Timer Display: On.
You can use 9 and 3 on the numpad for zooming in and out.
The default keyboard settings are Compact. Classic FFXI players may recall using Full. Compact uses WASD for movement and IJKL for camera movement, while Full uses the Numpad for movement and the arrow keys for the camera.
The mouse isn’t used in FFXI.