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I decided to try again today because of the ratings on this site. I highly suggest reading thru ALL the comments. It was in the feedback that I learned it is best to contact the live chat BEFORE purchasing anything. I had Nicole and she was great. I let her know I wanted to do the AH option of getting my gold bc of my prior warning. She let me know how much gold was available on the server. I went small in case of any problems and ordered 15k. She stayed on the chat with me thru the entire transaction. It did take longer than expected – I put up enchant formulas for the auction. I specifically said I wanted to do multiple auctions to try and avoid suspicion. About an hour after my purchase, my auctions were finally bought out. I would like to point out that I wished I had known prior that I would be getting a phone call from China BEFORE they called me. I did not answer the first time because I didn’t know the number. Nicole informed me they needed confirmation info, which was my card type, if I was buying for myself or someone else, and my age. Not sure if this is usual or if they couldn’t confirm my transaction for whatever reason.
About a half hour after that phone call is when my auctions were finally bought out. They were bought by a level 1 with a “normal” name that was in a guild, which had players of different levels in it. I put up a few other ridiculous auctions to sort of “cover” myself. Not sure if it will help. I will post again if I receive another warning or account ban.
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