World of Warcraft Reviews 2018

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How do you think WoW?

It’s hard to tell because they don’t publicly release their subscriber numbers, so the community pieces it together from server scrapes and a few pieces of info that slip out from the Blizzard mothership.

It’s kind of a cyclical thing. Interest always peaks when there’s a new expansion — combination of bringing in new players and returning players being willing to give it one more try, and then as people play through the content, the subscribers gradually settle back toward a baseline. And that baseline certainly appears to be lower now than it was in the Burning Crusade/Lich King era. But “dying” may be overstating it.

wow legion

I think if you read between the lines a little, Warlords of Draenor was not well received/people burned through it quickly and got bored, which represented a bit of a trough in interest. However it looks like they’ve recovered somewhat with Legion and now they’re reporting that advanced sales for Battle For Azerothare ahead of expectations. So I think it went through a bit of a lull, it’s recovering somewhat, but there’s just too much competition in the gaming marketplace to ever get all the way back to where it was.

For me, personally, yes it’s dying. I haven’t gotten any enjoyment out of playing the last few times I tried. I find the grind to be a little too daunting; gearing up to do the raid-level dungeons… it started to feel more like a job than having fun. The tools that make finding groups easier have also (counter-intuitively) made groups more disposable — if a dungeon run wipes ONCE, someone quits. I ducked my head back in during a free weekend not too long ago and I was bored within five minutes.

Some people didn’t like wow

The first time I’ve heard that question posed seriously was right after the TBC release. We now know it was the most successful release of all times, but still, some people didn’t like it.

And because everyone judges by themselves they immediately thought everyone thinks the same.

What I think is happening is the game is evolving, some people like it, some not (I don’t) but it still is going strong.

I have played many MMOs that DID die, and when that happened nobody asked that question, we just knew it’s happening.

The fact that some players don’t like recent chnages while others love them. The fact that some players stop playing but others only just begun is the state of an ever-evolving, live game. changes a dying one.

Legion is awesome

I started playing WoW a few weeks after it was released. I quit playing several months after Warlords of Draenor came out, and started playing again about six months ago.

Legion is awesome. It reminds me of the things I really liked about the game. Before Warlords I was a raider in a progression guild; now I’m a casual raider, and I’m having a blast.

If the reviews of Legion are any indication, my experience is pretty typical. The numbers show Legion was incredibly popular, with higher than predicted sales.

A lot of folks now are waiting for the new expansion this year, of course. But if player stats or my own personal experience are anything to go by, WoW is still an unbelievably popular gaming juggernaut.

I suspect WoW is “dying” in the same way Apple is “dying,” for a definition of “dying” meaning “continuing to be wildly successful, popular, and profitable.”

I think it’s in a pretty stable place

I used to play, but quit shortly into Legion (after playing since Classic). Based on what they’re doing, I have zero intention of ever going back, and in fact some of their decisions for the upcoming expansion are so bad to me that they would on their own be enough to make me quit.

However, I can’t imagine Blizzard cares. A lot of people love what they’re doing, and there are a ton of people who will stick with them until the end. (If that sounds like I’m calling them die-hard fans, I kinda am, but without any intended negative connotation. Plenty of fans see the negatives about that which the love, while believing the good outweighs the bad.)

I can’t see WoW dying until Blizzard does something to make it die (like make a direct sequel that competes with the original… not that I expect that, mind.)

There are a lot of people who like it

A lot of people like it, but I think that the majority of people who played it when it first came out (like me) don’t like it. It’s too focused on things that simply aren’t fun, like pet battles, and there’s so much focus on just getting things done with no challenge (i.e., they tell you exactly how to finish each quest, queuing into a dungeon takes less than a minute and doesn’t require you to communicate with any of your party members, etc.) that it feels practically like a singleplayer game.

However, there are a lot of people who like it. It’s just definitely not the game it used to be.