Miscellaneous Tips & Gear guide & Professions

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Miscellaneous Tips

  • If you're flying over an enemy-held Halaa, stay way from the middle flagpole. Defenders can fly up there, land on the flagpole, and attack you while you're in the air.
  • If you want to buy a reward in Halaa but don't want to fight, you can keep checking your map every few hours until your side has control. Then you can fly over there and buy your reward. Of course helping take over the town yourself might be faster.
  • Flying mounts, particularly those of the epic variety, give you a big advantage while fighting. They are helpful for quickly reaching your allies, avoiding enemy contact, and chasing people down. They also help when you need get away and heal up.
  • The Arena Battlemaster is located near the city of Halaa at the Nagrand Arena. You can queue for Arena games, and then come fight at Halaa between battles.
  • To receive a Halaa Battle Token you need to kill a player in or near town or near the wyvern posts. Once you're out of the vicinity of the town you'll no longer receive tokens for killing players.
  • You can keep getting tokens for killing the same players over and over. However, the honor received from killing the same player repeatedly is still subject to diminishing returns.
  • Make sure your PvP equipment is on while fighting. Gear with resilience and stamina are well-suited for fighting other players.
  • Stock up on healing potions and other consumables before fighting to last even longer in battle.
  • There are certain spots in Halaa where you can fight enemy players without the guards noticing you and joining in.

I. Intro
This part of the guide has articles that dont go into any big category or I moved them here because one of the other pages was too big already.

II. Professions
World of Warcraft has several professions in it, most of which are time consuming and offer some kind of a benefit. There are two different roles for professions. You have your gathering professions, and your crafting professions. Gathering professions involve you running around in the world and gathering ingredients for your other professions. Although some ingredients cannot be collected by a gathering profession they can be found from killing certain types of mobs, I.E. Tailoring ingredients drop off of humanoids. Crafting professions involve you using ingredients to produce items or effects that can benefit you in some way. There are two levels of professions in the game, Primary and Secondary. You can only have 2 primary professions but secondary you can have all of them (currently only 3).
Crafting Professions;
Alchemy (primary) – Combine herbs you gather from herbalism into a vial to make various potions with different effects.
Alchemy is a really great profession especially in the end game because the potions you make can give you a serious edge over your opponents. An example of some of the benefits you can get from Alchemy are; Mana potions give you Mana back and allow you to stay in the battle longer because we all know if a Paladin has Mana left he isn’t dead yet, health regeneration potions, spell absorbing potions, and many more.
Blacksmithing (primary) – Create weapons and armor from ore you mine with Mining.
Weapons and armor is a good thing to have for a Paladin. Even though you can get better items from monsters, Blacksmithing soon becomes a split decision weather or not you want to make excellent armor or excellent weapons, both of which will provide you with really nice items. Not to mention they sell extremely well to other players.
Cooking (secondary) – Cook foods from raw ingredients to make stat increasing edibles.
Cooking is really nice if you get your skill all the way up to its maximum. Most of the high end items require fish so Fishing goes extremely well with cooking. Some of the things you can cook can increase any of your stats for a period of about 10-15 minutes.
Enchanting (primary) – Use magical essences and dust from disenchanting items to improve your weapons and armor permanently. Only one enchantment per item but you can enchant over another effect. Currently you can only enchant some items.
This is ok for a Paladin, but would be much better for a class that can farm items well. Seeing as you need a lot of the materials you get from disenchanting so you need a lot of the green and blue items to disenchant.
Engineering (primary) – Make wild and crazy gadgets and trinkets that will do crazy and fun things.
This is definitely the most interesting and fun profession. Most of the items you make require ingredients from Mining so can you guess what a good supplementing profession would be. But anyways this is definitely a great profession for Paladins because you can make plenty of excellent grenade-like weapons. A good source for a ranged damage option by the way.
First Aid (secondary) – Fashion bandages out of ingredients normally used for Tailoring so you can heal yourself.
Paladins can already heal themselves quicker than this but it’s always good to have a back up plan, right? Even though you might be using potions for your back up plan; potions have a 2-minute cool down and bandages have a 1-minute cool down. Either way it’s not bad to have even for a paladin.
Leatherworking (primary) – Make leather armor from the skins of beasts.
Don’t use this profession if you’re a Paladin. Nothing good would come of it.
Tailoring (primary) – Make cloth armor from fabric-like materials.
The same goes with this profession. NOT a Paladin profession.
Gathering Professions;
Fishing (secondary) – Catching fish with a pole instead of a net? Who would have thunk it?
Only use Fishing if you plan on going really far with Cooking because it is extremely boring and time consuming!
Herbalism (primary) – Run around and pick flowers like a stoned hippie.
Works best with Alchemy since Alchemy needs the flowers you pick. The flowers you pick also sell extremely well to players.
Mining (primary) – Use your pickaxe to dig in veins of ore to get rocks and ore. These ingredient are used in Blacksmithing and Engineering.
The reagents you get from Mining sell extremely well to players. Since both Engineering and Blacksmithing use them, there is always a high demand for this stuff, so if you’re looking to make some good money early in the game this is the way to go.
Skinning (primary) – Strip the flesh of your slain beastly foes.
The leather you get off the beasts doesn’t sell well until you get the higher level ones. But early on in the game you can take an extra second to skin the beasts you kill to nab some extra coin. Otherwise don’t use this because it only really works well with Leatherworking and that profession sucks for Paladins.

III. Gear guide
Because Paladins are a very gear dependent class and because Ivaron suggested it; I decided the Paladin guide needs a gear guide in it.
Some people say that your gear doesn’t matter "its all how you play". Well for Paladins I completely disagree. Gear can determine whether you lose or win a pvp fight, it can also have a big role when fighting bosses and elite mobs in instances. Not all Paladins will get the same results from certain types of gear. It depends on your play style or build.
Weapons matter the most in my opinion, and it’s not always true that if you have the biggest most expensive weapon with the best DPS that your going to do better. Things that matter heavily when choosing a weapon are speed, damage, stats, and if it has a special attribute. Depending on your build you will want different types of weapons; I personally preach that you should keep all of your weapon skills up to speed.
Retributions builds will want to have a slow two-handed weapon with a high damage, about 3.0 or slower, because it has been proven that Seal of Command will proc more per swing with a slow weapon. As for Protection builds you will want a very fast one-handed weapon and a shield with a high block because of your abilities to heal yourself per-hit and increase your block chance. You also want the two-handed weapon for soloing. Holy builds will just stick with the one-handed and a shield.
When thinking of stats and special abilities on weapons these usually come second to damage and speed. You don’t really have to worry about what special abilities a weapon comes with, these are generally a benefit and are rare. Often times though you will pick a weapon with the same attack just different stats. With a two-handed weapon your going to want strength and stamina; maybe, if you have an abundance of stamina, you can swap stamina for intelligence.
Armor is your bread and butter; it’s what’s going to keep you from eating dirt. Paladins have the same armor proficiencies as Warriors do; we get chain at level 1 and at level 40 we can start wearing plate. When picking armor to wear you want to choose stats over everything else. If you have two different pieces of armor and one has a little more armor but less of your vital stats like STR and STA, then pick the other one. Only if an armor piece has around 60 or more armor should you consider switching.
Attribute Comparison;

  • 10 Intelligence is 150 Mana and .1% spell crit chance
  • 10 Stamina is 100 health
  • 10 Strength is 20 attack power (1.5 DPS) and .33 damage blocked
  • 10 Agility is 1% dodge chance, .5% crit chance and 20 armor
  • 10 Spirit is 2.5 health/2 seconds and 2.5 Mana/2 second

IV. Tips and tricks
(In flashy bullets!)
  • Retribution talent; Reckoning, can stack up to five times with your auto attack off
  • Paladins get a free mount at level 40 just go talk to your class trainer in your home city
  • The “I win” button is combining your 12 second shield and your hearthstone to egress from any situation
  • You can pull what I like to call a “hater move” and run into horde populated areas and whack a noob then use your “I win” button
  • You are semi-capable of performing crowd control a few ways. Consecrate to keep all mobs attention on you and you can fear undead
  • Always remember that Blessing of Protection ONLY protects you from melee damage so if your up against a caster use Divine Shield
  • Blessing of Protection is a blessing so you can cast it on others
  • When ever you take on a quest that requires you to kill a certain number of things it is a good idea to find a partner because it will cut your time significantly

V. Lore
The word Paladin is derived from the word palatinus “attached to the Palace.” In general the word refers to a holy knight or a divine hero; your prototypical “knight in shining armor.” The word appeared back when bards used to tell tales of the legendary court of King Charlemange and his twelve peers; the equivalent of King Arthur tales.
In the World of Warcraft, Paladins are a holy warrior or a priest/tank hybrid. They first appeared in the Human campaign in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos as a playable Hero. Paladins have been in World of Warcraft since beta and were one of the original classes intended.

VI. UI modification
I highly support UI modification and I am overly grateful that Blizzard allows it. Playing as a Paladin I would recommend looking into UI modification because it will make life easier ten fold. I will list a few links to some download sites below.
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  • Bloodsail Buccaneers
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