Guy4game provides game currency for 17 main games. We process a total of 15,000,000 transactions per day, at a realistically low price. Our promise of fast delivery and secure transactions give us favourable feedback from more than 50,000 customers. 

Why Choose Guy4game

1. Variety & low prices
We offer a huge selection of products at the prices you deserve. We pledge to offer you the best services and products at the best prices for all your shopping needs.

2. 24/7 Live Support
Please contact us by 24/7 operated Live Chat, if you have any questions or concerns. We will do our best to resolve your problems .

3. High Quality Service
We are committed to providing you with professional customer service. Our operators are always helpful and courteous.

4. The Fastest & Most Secure Delivery
We understand the importance of fast delivery and our dedicated staff will do everything possible to get you your order as soon as possible.

Guy4game Nostalrius Gold

Nostalrius PVP Alliance
Price Average Delivery Time
$0.06090 / Gold 98% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour

Nostalrius PVP Horde
Price Average Delivery Time
$0.06090 / Gold 97% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour

Nostalrius PVE Alliance
Price Average Delivery Time
$0.12380 / Gold 96% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour

Nostalrius PVE Horde
Price Average Delivery Time
$0.12380 / Gold 98% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour

Nostalrius Powerleveling Customized Quotation $0.01 Buy Now
Estimated Time12-14 days(Level 1-60)

This service allows great flexibility to power level your character to the level of your choice.
Accomplished by our highly experienced and skilled staff, playing your character by hand.
Keep all value drops and gold in your bag.

Lv 1 - 60 Power Leveling $349.00
Estimated Time10-12 days

Product Description
We will boost your character from level 1-60 by doing main quests and raiders.
1-60 Power Leveling Package, You will get:
First Aid 300.
Level 40 horse mount.
Flight Paths all covered.
Item level 45+.
Race reputation Honored.
All the golds and rewards while leveling process will be left in your bag.
100% Hand made guaranteed, There is no any bots in Nostalrius.
Any other questions, please contact with us on our Skype or Live Support service at the homepage of our website.

Guy4game will never ask you to return your currency in game. Do not give away your currency to anyone even who claims to be from Guy4game.

If meet any violation or issues you could report to us through live chat or email, the scammers will be punished.

Live Chat

  • Skype:
  • US&Canada Toll Free: 1-888-221-1554
  • Fax: 1-289-660-1297
  • Office Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST Monday - Friday.

Mailing Address

Guy4game Inc. 
276 5th Ave, Suite 704-305 
New York City, NY 10001 

ChangChun Yi-You Science & Technology Co.LTD
Zhenyu Street #358, Zip Code:130012
Changchun High-technology Industrial Development Area
ChangChun City, JiLin Province, China

HappyChappy:Ive used this site reguarly over the last 3 years as i work away alot and dont have the time like others to grind for gold in game. I can honestly say with hand held on my heart that this is the best site ive used. Since using this site ive always got my gold/items promptly without delay. Ive never, i repeat never had a problem with anyone attempting to hack me like other sites. Ive found the online staff very helpful and courteous. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to buy gold for either eso or wow without hestitation. Happy gaming..

eric Schneider:this is about abby she is a very good employe hi i spoked to abby on live chat and she was the best live chat for any game websight im am defintaly gonna come and buy here again.

Petur sbastien:I would like to see you guys offer ores, like coal, iron, mithril, etc. Currently, some of the other companies offer these type items, and I would like to use your company for all my purchases.. As always, I am a VERY satisfied customer. Your staff and delivery people are the nicest and most helpful..

Todd Cobb:My first currency buying experience went very badly, resulting in me losing my money, so I was hesistant to use another site. However GUY4GAME was a much needed change. The site looks great, and it is easy to navigate. The prices were fairly reasonable and while the stock for some games (EVE online) could use some work, they had a great selection. The online submission form was a bit clunky with odd fields such as "drop off time" etc, but after the order was complete I was suprised by the level of customer service. They emailed right away showing the status of my order, and shortly after they informed me they would phone to confirm the order. Because of the time zone difference, I asked to change the time. The representative was very polite and informed me I could do it anytime provided I emailed first. After that delivery was prompt. Gets a "Very Good" from me..

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