PlayerAuctions is the world’s safest marketplace dedicated to the player to player exchange of digital assets.

PlayerAuctions members use marketplace to trade game assets to other members. PlayerAuctions support over 300 leading titles including: WoW, Runescape, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge, CS:GO, Albion, Blade and Soul, Fifa Ultimate Team and ensure buyers and sellers enjoy a fraud-free experience.

PlayerAuctions mission is to make the digital worlds in massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) a better place through services to players that enhance and reward their gaming experience, discover better deals and earn increased profits.

At the heart of PlayerAuctions is PlayerGuardian™, a powerful proprietary technology that provides unparalleled protection for all players, payments and trades. Buyers are guaranteed delivery of their purchase or their money back. Sellers have complete protection against payment fraud and chargebacks.

PlayerAuctions members trade a range of products: League of Legends accounts, WOW Gold, Guild Wars 2 Gold, Runescape Gold, ArcheAge Gold, Albion Gold, FUT Coins, CS:GO items, Clash of Clans accounts. In 2014, we broadened our product range and added CD keys, Cosplay and Gaming gear to our marketplace.

PlayerAuctions is a trusted game gold trader.PlayerAuctions have been protecting our players since 1999. PlayerAuctions are headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in Seoul, Hong Kong, Manila and Shanghai.

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Is Playerauctions Legit?

They're legit, but remember, no matter where you buy an account from there is always the risk it will be recovered, no matter what you do... All you can do is try and limit the risk by buying off someone that looks reliable and has decent vouches/feedback (for PA).

PlayerAuctions legit problem

its a hassle to use and they take off fees, but imo its worth it b/c of the security. if you record all the trade and send it to PA they will reimburse you. If you're buying an account it goes like this->You put in order for the account by sending the money to playerauctions -> the seller will respond and fill in the order form with the user/pass/ whatever you agree upon in PM/MSN, you can also buy a 1 year insurance for like $9 in which if the account gets recovered you will get a disbursement for what you paid. Just go for people with the highest feedback and you'll be fine.

Refund Policy

Because does not actually sell anything, they do not offer a Refund Policy. However, they do work hard to act as a "Player Guardian" by monitoring and protecting the transaction of accounts and items that take place over their site. 

They do promise their users that if there is a seller that frequently places items for sale and then withdraws them during a transaction, that they will sanction that seller to ensure the best use of their website. 

Below, you can find Playerauctions reviews written by users. Find out if Playerauctions is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Playerauctions delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Playerauctions legit? Is Playerauctions safe and reliable?

Review by Let***
good and fast service as always Exalted orb - Standard League - Cheap&Fast!(100 Exalted Orb)
Review by tan***
Fast and efficient, excellent service. 20M FFXIV Gil
Review by agn***
Fast and well done. 100K WoW Gold
Review by sai***
Great seller. Replies to messages super fast. Would buy from again. 10M FFXIV Gil
Review by Cul***
Great seller, fast delivery! Essence SC-Chromatic Orb (500 Chromatic Orb)
Review by woz***
a great place to shop an a great merchant to shop from . thank mate . 250K Elder-Scrolls-Online Gold
Review by Ara***
Only two minutes for delivery, will buy again. Essence SC- Exalted Orb(9 Exalted Orb)
Review by Tai***
acc was out of stock but seller just refund money without problems EUW LVL:30 Champ:108 Skins:79 RP:46 IP:3417
Review by Met***
Account had leaverbuster queue. Other than that, great seller and great account NA Silver IV LVL:30 Champ:83 Skins:23 RP:215 IP:3723

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