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Best WoW Classic Profession

  • Druid — Alchemy + Herbalism (Tauren)
  • Hunter — Engineering + Mining
  • Monk — Inscription + Herbalism
  • Rogue — Jewel Crafting + Mining (Goblin)
  • Shaman — Leather Working + Skinning
  • Warlock — Enchanting + Tailoring
  • Warrior — Blacksmithing + Mining

What are the most profitable professions in WoW?

The two most profitable professions will always be Alchemy and Enchanting (with Jewelcrafting coming third).

How can I get millions of Gold in WoW Classic?

If you don’t want to read the whole article, but mainly focus on how to achieve the installation level of 20, please follow the steps below. They will work for anyone, do not need a grinding course, and usually offer a high percentage of incentive time:

  • If you don’t do anything, please do the following: learn to use auction houses for business.
  • Consider installing the auctioneer plug-in and leveraging it at auction houses to take advantage of it.
  • Bargain, don’t pay the full price.
  • Always post a buyout price in your auction – many players will not bid without a buyout unless the item is discounted and then the price is usually only a small part of the price available. If you post the appropriate buyout price, you will get more sales at a higher price and get funding faster.
  • When you have saved about 5 gold (you will start soon due to your professional work), you can start investing. Buy cheap items on ah and then re list them for profit. Buy and sell what you know, and test your theory a little.
  • Participate in one or (best) of two collection Majors: mining, herbal medicine, or skinning. They are all big money earners. It is said that mining brings more money at the cost of increasing the difficulty of farming, while skinning is simple but time-consuming, and can quickly fill your luggage.
  • Although you don’t have to fish (and fishing doesn’t suit everyone’s taste, because it involves a lot of sitting and staring at the float), fishing can be a good source of income as you improve.
  • By the time you reach level 40, or even level 70, you’re in a craft profession – they may be sunk money, and you can use the extra money you collect to buy things you could have bought. Raw materials are usually more valuable than hand-made products.
  • If you do crafts, please understand the products sold – when the update is about to be released, the value of big bags is amazing.
  • Generally, don’t make a white item unless you know it’s in demand.
  • Understand which statistics are useful and develop projects to appropriately enhance them.
  • Don’t overproduce; an increase in supply lowers prices. If you sell fewer items, you will get a better unit price.
  • Upgrade your gear frugally.
  • Every bright, shiny new gear gets old or worn by one or two grades. If you inlay gems, you will lose them when upgrading weapons.
  • Learn what data can help your character and stick with the gear – avoid changing gear.
  • You don’t need to upgrade every time, especially when upgrading.
  • Are you considering upgrading gears to provide significant improvements? Consider percentage growth.
  • Plan to get gear from mission rewards, drops, or instances.
  • Keep in mind that as the level improves, no matter how good it looks now, you will change gears soon.
  • Avoid investing a lot of money in expensive gears, especially blue or purple ones. You don’t need rare or epic gear.
  • Keep in mind that the demand for blue and purple gears is driven mainly by Twinks and alts. These are participants who already have significant financial resources and are able to pay a premium. As a result, you won’t find many bargains on this device. They are often grossly overrated.
  • Participating in a team attack can give you the same equipment.
  • If you are a beginner, please study first. Research. Ask. Test. Try wisely. Most of all, be careful with your spending – you’ll need the money later.

If you follow this basic recommendation, there should be no problem paying for a level 20 mount, and in the process, you will always be able to afford skills training, food and potions.

Is buying gold safe?

You are not allowed to buy gold. If arrested, you may be banned. However, Blizzard provides some means to "buy" gold in real money:

1. You can buy (some) pets in the store and sell them at the auction house.
2. You can buy the world of Warcraft game tokens from store, and then sell them in the auction house – the turnaround time is very fast. Last time I checked its price is 49K + (probably the simplest option)
3. World of Warcraft trading card game, you can buy these cards and have the opportunity to find mounts or pets that can be sold in the auction house.

Please don’t support people who sell gold, which undermines the economic benefits of the game and encourages hackers.

Can you sell WoW tokens for real money?

You can buy a wow token in real currency from a store and sell gold at an auction house, or you can buy a token from an auction house and exchange it for 30 days of game time or a $15 Blizzard balance.

I want gold:

Open the in-game store in the world of Warcraft and purchase the world of Warcraft pass. When the purchase is complete, the wow token will be placed in your inventory. If you do not have any inventory space, the token will be mailed to you.
Note: messages containing wow tokens do not expire.

To sell your tokens as gold at an auction house, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the world of Warcraft using the role that bought the token.
  • Go to any auction house and put your wow token in the auction tab just like any other auction.
  • The current selling price of the token is displayed, and you can choose to list the token or wait and list later.

Note: the token auction cannot be canceled. Auction houses will not cut token sales.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?