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100% Safe:Guy4Game use in-game mail system for delivery. You don’t have to transfer your character to other realms. This method is 100% fast and safe.

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Top Questions about Payment

All products and services pricing on the site are shown in US Dollars. You can make payment by Credit Card, Credit Card through Moneybooks, Money Bookers, Alipay, Western Union, Certified Check, Money order or Cash U.

Q:I failed to pay for my order; the website shows Reason Code 2/1, what does this mean?
A:MEANING: Transaction Status: Declined (Card declined by issuer – Contact card issuer to determine reason.) REASON DECLINED: Insufficient funds or some other internal reason at the bank. ACTION: Contact the bank that issued the card to find out why. It was declined by them, either due to insufficient funds in your account, or for some other reason.

Q:I My payment is voided, have I paid you or not?
A:No. If the payment is voided, that means the transaction is refused and reversed before settled. No money will be charged. For some debit credit card account, this fund might be charged automatically after you placed order and be released later.

Q:Can I pay with American Express?
A:You may choose Moneybookers as your payment method to pay with American Express.

Top Questions about Game Currency

Q:What is your storage situation?
A:Since the supply is unstable, the storage changes vary with market float. Whenever you need to know the gold storage or order status, please simply click our 24/7 Live Chat to check with our sales representative.

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