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Is Guy4Game Legit?

Best overall price and fastest website. trustworthy, great customer service, personal delivery, i can go on and on about how this is the best site. even the website is designed the best. one complaint is the gold price is a tiny bit on the higher side, but still 90% cheaper and actually legit. i actually just got scammed by another site. so go legit! even though u may have to spend a extra couple bucks its worth it because unlike every other site when they say personal delivery and fast they mean it (unless out of stock, but they have went from nothing to 700k on my server within a few mins so that time i didnt even have to really wait.) what im trying to say is, fastest company, best customer service, best website. Highly recommend Guy4game for wow purchases.

Compliance with Legal Authorities:As required by law, and to enforce customers or Guy4game’s legal rights, and to comply with local, state, federal and international law, Guy4game may disclose information to law enforcement agencies.

Is Guy4Game Safe?

100% Safe:Guy4Game use in-game mail system for delivery. You don’t have to transfer your character to other realms. This method is 100% fast and safe.

Satisfaction Commitment:As long as you tell us your correct character name, realm and faction that you want the wow items delivered to, the delivery will be done within 24 hours. 100% trustable and safe. You can ask for full refund at any time before delivery complete.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed WoW Accounts For Sale:
Lowest Price Guarantee:guarantee that price beats the market. If you find another dealer’s offer that matches ours for a lower price, Guy4Game will refund the difference.
Buyer Protection:If the WoW Character you received is significantly different from its description on website (such as level, race, Gear and etc), you will be refunded in full.

Top Questions about Payment

All products and services pricing on the site are shown in US Dollars. You can make payment by Credit Card, Credit Card through Moneybooks, Money Bookers, Alipay, Western Union, Certified Check, Money order or Cash U.

Q:I failed to pay for my order; the website shows Reason Code 2/1, what does this mean?
A:MEANING: Transaction Status: Declined (Card declined by issuer – Contact card issuer to determine reason.) REASON DECLINED: Insufficient funds or some other internal reason at the bank. ACTION: Contact the bank that issued the card to find out why. It was declined by them, either due to insufficient funds in your account, or for some other reason.

Q:I My payment is voided, have I paid you or not?
A:No. If the payment is voided, that means the transaction is refused and reversed before settled. No money will be charged. For some debit credit card account, this fund might be charged automatically after you placed order and be released later.

Q:Can I pay with American Express?
A:You may choose Moneybookers as your payment method to pay with American Express.

Top Questions about Game Currency

Q:What is your storage situation?
A:Since the supply is unstable, the storage changes vary with market float. Whenever you need to know the gold storage or order status, please simply click our 24/7 Live Chat to check with our sales representative.

Q:Someone asks me return gold just after I received it, what should I do?
A:Guy4game will NEVER ask you to give back the delivered gold for any reason under any circumstances. Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be Guy4game. Be careful of the in game scammers!

Q:Your prices double rose on my server, what’s up?
A:There will be only one reason if the game currency prices change a lot in a short period: the demands excess the supplies. Guy4game will never abuse the price for no reason. We dedicate to provide high quality service with low price.

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