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Where can I get a discount link?
The most instant way for you getting a discount link is to contact our Live Help.

What confirmations should I expect once I’ve placed an order?
If your order is approved, you will receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes after placing an order. Otherwise, it will notify you the order failed and give instructions on how to process your order. Once delivery completed, a delivery confirmation email will be sent.
We may require additional information before processing an order. We will contact you if additional information is required or your order is cancelled.

How To Earn Your Points

    1 point for every $1 retail order and for every $10 wholesale order you spend at With each new purchase, you will accumulate your points and are able to use them to exchange the items we listed that you want. You can check your bonus points at “My Account” page on the top of the site.

    How to use Consumption Points?
    $1 consumption=1points
    100 points= $3 coupon.
    300points =$8 coupon.
    500points =$20coupon. (2 *$10 coupon)
    800points =$30coupon. (3* $10 coupon)
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    The biggest coupon values $10; we offer 2 $10 coupons to instead of the $20coupon.
    The rules about using the coupon:
    1. The coupon is not applied to the product which is on sale or flash sale, including the promotion products.
    2. You will not get any point from the order that paid with a coupon.
    3. Each order can only use one coupon.
    4. A coupon can only be used once during the period of validity.
    5. The order payment limit: $3 coupon applies to the order less than $80, $8 coupon applies to the order during $80 to $150, and $10 coupon applies to the order greater than $150.
    Please note: You must log in your account first and place the order; otherwise the consumption points will not be counted to your account.

Is Allcdkey Legit

Are your CD keys and game time cards legit? Where do you get them from?
Of course, CD keys and game time cards are 100% legal. The CD keys and game time cards are taken from standard retail packages, and then scanned and send as photos via email attachments. Allcdkey are absolutely reliable.

Buy your Diablo 3 CD Key from the legit and trustworthy online gaming house. This game has received a positive feedback from the gaming critics. The digital rights management of Diablo 3 needs the connection of the internet all the time long as it was condemned. 

The players can find the five character classes as available and they are Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk and the Demon Hunter. Buying a Diablo 3 CD Key makes you play this game as the player will be able to find an online auction house that lets the gamers deal with the virtual items during the time of trading. The players are required to spend the real-time or in-game gold while the trading is taking place. As the players gathered the materials and the artisans make the crafts with these gathered materials. Engrossing yourself in Diablo 3, you need to collect your Diablo 3 CD Key from the online gaming house.

Is Allcdkey Safe

Of course, Allcdkey CD keys and game time cards are 100% safe and legal. The CD keys and game time cards are taken from standard retail packages, and then scanned and send as photos via email attachments. Allcdkey are absolutely safe and reliable.

Delivery: Safe delivery via email around the Release Date.
Note: Steam account required for game activation and installation

What kinds of payment methods do you guys accept?
For retail orders, PayPal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Credit Card, Moneyorder, and Wire Transfer are all acceptable. For bulk orders except PayPal, Credit Card and Google Checkout all the other three methods mentioned before are acceptable.
P.S. Payment with confirmed shipping address and verified buyer status will help make speedy delivery.

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