Face to Face Trade: Please login your game before checking out since most times the delivery happens right after checking out. Sometimes you might receive several partial deliveries. For WOW, The face to face meeting point is Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde).

DO NOT give back the gold after trade under any circumstance, even if it is the same char that just traded with you.because they are all scammers with similar names.If you give it to anyone after the trade ,we WILL NOT bear the loss.

Your order will be under process automatically after checking out and will be listed on your Order Management Panel which is at the top of our homepage after logged in. You may use your Order Management Panel to track your order status or change your delivery information.

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Review by WOW Gold or Diablo 3 Gold Buyer
Customer service was direct and straight to the point, all questions were answered in a professional manner, was in and out of live chat in less than 5 minutes. -Delivery was better than expected, they weren't lying when they said 1-30 mins delivery eta. -Base price is definitely competitive, when paired with a discount coupon or any bonus points, it's hands down the most cheapest gold available on the gold market. -100% would shop here again. Sincerely A very, very satisfied consumer.
Review by 55669
Been a recurring customer since 2012, never had any problems what so ever! always quick customersupport and deliverys! here's a 5% off Discount Coupon Code: O-5863269C (valid until 2016-09-11 unlimited uses) so you can try it yourself.
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Great service i am using this site for years and will continue love this site so much cheaper then other one. 5% coupon: O-BBA93252
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Discount Coupon Code (ddfe0e9c) Always buy gold here, And will always come back recommended to all gamers Highly recommended! AMAZING Customer service (Vincent) from Online Live Chat was very helpful
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5% off Discount Coupon Code: O-07ABACE4 Always buy gold here and always delivered timely. Just ordered Auction house style 1-48 for the first time..waiting on delivery still, but I'm sure it'll be great
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D-TRIBUTE This code grants $5 coupon. This is one of the best (if not *the* best) site out there for your gold! After around ~70k gold bought and still shopping around each time, these guys always have the cheapest and best gold out there.
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For a $5 discount coupon, use this! D-TRIBUTE This is one of the best sites out there to purchase gold from. To get the most money for your purchase, choose the AH delivery and the 48Hr time limit, *almost* never fails to deliver in under an hour annyway!
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i have ordered from them many times. here is a 5percent off coupon code O-579CB729 . enjoy
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This is my *starts counting* 9th time-ish buying from GameUSD. I have ordered over around 25,000 some gold in all over the time here and this is just after I finally got an account with them, I made at least 5 orders prior to getting account, now they made me an honorary re-seller and as GM of my guild have given my guild a discount. You can't argue with that kind of service. Plus this is by far the best site design I have seen out of about 3.5 Years of playing WoW. I haven't purchased from anyone but GameUSD since I found out about them.

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