How Do I Get To Northrend?

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How do I get to Northrend?

You can get to the Howling Fjord via Menethil Harbor for Alliance and a zeppelin outside of the Undercity for Horde. You can get to Borean Tundra via a boat from Stormwind Harbor and by a zeppelin outside of Orgrimmar. You will need the expansion to zone into Northrend.

The areas of Northrend:

- Azjol-Nerub (L74-78)

- Borean Tundra (L68-72): It is the home of the Tuskarr. The Horde town is Warsong Fortress and Alliance will be Justice Keep. The Naga are up to no good by melting the icecaps. Not to forget the Taunka are lurking in this zone. This zone has both a Horde and Alliance entry point (along with a village). Caldarra, home of the Blue Dragonflight, is here and houses the 3-winged Nexus dungeon. Think of a tundra with this zone.

- Grizzly Hills (L74-76): The Furbolgs live in the forest. The Venture Company is also cutting down the forest of Grizzly Hills. There also seems to be an ancient Dwarven City called Thor Modan. Most of the zone will be covered with trees instead of snow.

- Howling Fjord (L68-72): It will hold the Daggercap Bay (a narrow canyon). Past the canyon you will find the town of Valgarde. The town is under constant invasions of evil Dragonflayers. The ancient Vrykul can be found in their instance Utgarde Keep. It will look like a lush, forested area.

- Icecrown Glacier (78-80)

- Lake Wintergrasp (see 1C)

- Sholazar Basin (L75-78): similar in appearance to Un'Goro, it has magical pylons that keep the Scourge at bay. It also has domes, similar to Netherstorm, that the titans conduct experiments within. Hemit Nesingwary has also crashed in this area and is finally being punished by the DEHTA (see more in Factions)

- The Dragonblight (L71-75): Where the dragons go to die. The home of Wyrmrest Temple, the ancient meeting place of the dragons. Within the temple is the Chamber of Aspects raid instance where players can fight the different Dragon Aspects. In the Dragonblight is also the Dragonshrines, each shrine dedicated to one of the Dragonflights.

- The Storm Peaks (L77-80)

- Zul'Drak (L73-76): home of the Ice Trolls, contains Drak Theron Keep

What is “Northrend”?

Northrend is an expansion only continent located in the northern areas of Azeroth. It contains many new instances, new content for levels 70-80, and most of the expansion only features.

Where do I start in Northrend?

You are given two options on where to begin your adventure. You can either start in the Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra. They are both level 70 zones that lead into level 71-72 zones. It is up to you on where you want to start. Once you begin in either zone you will automatically be lead through the rest of the game via quests.

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