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Raiditem is a legit online store,offer fast, cheap and safe Gold, Items and Power Leveling.
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Is Raiditem Safe

1. Will my account be safe if I order power leveling service?
It is safe for leveling your character, we do it by hand working, never use the bot.

2. Is it safe for me to access you to log on my account?
Absolutely it is safe.
After we log in your account, it may be locked because of different logging IP address. Then you only need to unlock it by accessing battle net and resetting new password and inform us. Please Do Not access your account after resubmitting it because the game maker may lock the account again to make us not access it.

3. Hello how does the safe power leveling work?
For power leveling, raid service, we will play your character and get what you want:)
100% manual work and safe.

How to trade with Raiditem ?

1. Gold
–Face to face deliver,or according to clients requirements: Mail, from AH or other ways.

2. Powerleveling service
–Need account share.

3. Items
–Face to face or account share for drops.

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