Legion Neltharion's Lair Location & Loot

Neltharion's Lair is located in Highmountain. This is the cavern where Neltharion lived before he became Deathwing.[1] Adventurers need to venture inside to recover the Hammer of Khaz'goroth wielded by Dargrul the Underking.[2]

Neltharion's Lair
Nel, NL

Highmountain, Broken Isles



End boss

 Dargrul the Underking

Instance info


Player limit



Ularogg Cragshaper


Adventure Guide

Neltharion, better known as Deathwing, once called these caves home. Since his fall, the drogbar that once worshipped the great dragon built their capitol within this ancient lair. Now, Dargrul, chieftain of the drogbar, rallies a massive army within these depths. If left unchecked, the mad king's army will surge from the mountainside, devastating Highmountain and all of Azeroth with it.

Quick Facts
  • Level: 100 - 110
  • Required levels: 98, 98
  • Territory: Contested
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Heroic mode available (110)
  • Mythic mode available
  • Number of players: 5


Boss Item Type
Rokmora  [Crystalline Energies] (H · M) Frost Artifact Relic
 [Quivering Blightshard Husk] (H · M) Life Artifact Relic
 [Understone Gorget] (H · M) Necklace
 [Skyhorn Mantle] (H · M) Mail shoulders
 [Vest of Rupturing Diamonds] (H · M) Leather chest
 [Deepfurrow Bracers] (H · M) Plate bracers
 [Sunfrost Wristwraps] (H · M) Cloth bracers
 [Boulderbuckle Strap] (H · M) Mail belt
 [Greystone Belt] (H · M) Plate belt
 [Riverrider Legwraps] (H · M) Cloth leggings
 [Rivermane Sandals] (H · M) Leather boots
 [Shard of Rokmora] (H · M) Tank trinket
Ularogg Cragshaper  [Fragment of Loathing] (H · M) Shadow Artifact Relic
 [Murmuring Idol] (H · M) Holy Artifact Relic
 [Cragshaper's Fitted Hood] (H · M) Cloth helmet
 [Steelgazer Hide Hood] (H · M) Leather helmet
 [Roggthread Mantle] (H · M) Cloth shoulders
 [Tunic of Screaming Earth] (H · M) Mail chest
 [Bitestone Wristwrap] (H · M) Mail bracers
 [Gravelworn Handguards] (H · M) Leather gloves
 [Rock Solid Legplates] (H · M) Plate leggings
 [Rockbound Sabatons] (H · M) Plate boots
 [Loop of Vitriolic Intent] (H · M) Ring
 [Talisman of the Cragshaper] (H · M) Tank trinket
Naraxas  [Monstrous Gluttony] (H · M) Blood Artifact Relic
 [Noxious Entrails] (H · M) Fel Artifact Relic
 [Subterranean Horror Faceguard] (H · M) Plate helmet
 [Putrid Carapace] (H · M) Cloak
 [Wristbands of Rousing Violence] (H · M) Leather bracers
 [Gauntlets of Innumerable Barbs] (H · M) Mail gloves
 [Offal Galoshes] (H · M) Cloth boots
 [Band of the Wyrm Matron] (H · M) Ring
 [Naraxas' Spiked Tongue] (H · M) Ranged DPS trinket
Dargrul the Underking  [Hate-Sculpted Magma] (H · M) Fire Artifact Relic
 [Pebble of Ages] (H · M) Iron Artifact Relic
 [Mountain Throne Coif] (H · M) Mail helmet
 [Chain of the Underking] (H · M) Necklace
 [Steelgazer Hide Mantle] (H · M) Leather shoulders
 [Tremorguard Pauldrons] (H · M) Plate shoulders
 [Rockbound Chestguard] (H · M) Plate chest
 [Tunic of Smoldering Ire] (H · M) Cloth chest
 [Gloves of the Mountain Conquest] (H · M) Cloth gloves
 [Rumblestone Gauntlets] (H · M) Plate gloves
 [Roggthread Cord] (H · M) Cloth belt
 [Sinister Ashfall Cord] (H · M) Leather belt
 [Charskin Legguards] (H · M) Leather leggings
 [Faultline Leggings] (H · M) Mail leggings
 [Bitestone Boots] (H · M) Mail boots
 [Mark of Dargrul] (H · M) Melee DPS trinket