WoW Legion Helmouth Cliffs Guides

Helmouth Cliffs is a cliff over looking the Helmouth Shallows in Stormheim.[53, 46]

Helmouth Cliffs (initially named "Helheim")[citation needed] is one of the max-leveldungeons introduced with  World of Warcraft: Legion, found within Stormheimon the Broken Isles. Conversely to the Halls of Valor, Helheim contains the souls of the damned or less worthy vrykul. Much of the instance is contained upon the ghost ship of the damned (Naglfar) where players will encounter two Titan keepers who have been warring for thousands of years and face off against the fallen valk'yr queen, Helya.[1]

Quick Facts
  • Level: 110
  • Requires level 110
  • Territory: Contested
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Heroic mode available (110)
  • Mythic mode available
  • Number of players: 5


  • Ymiron, the Fallen King – Ymiron, one-time king of the vrykul of Northrend, was a mighty warrior held in awe by his people. The gates of the Halls of Valor awaited him in the afterlife. But, hungry for more power, he struck a dark bargain with the Lich King. When adventurers struck him down, he found the eternal Halls closed to him. And so, the damned king waits in purgatory on the shores of the Maw of Souls.
  • Harbaron – The mysterious ferryman of souls stands at the helm of the Naglfar, gathering the damned and bringing them to Helya's domain. His connection with the fallen queen of the val'kyr is unclear, but when the breeze catches Harbaron's cloak, an expanse of shimmering stars unfolds beneath. Strange.
  • Helya – Helya, fallen queen of the val'kyr, was once at Odyn's right hand, raising the spirits of vrykul champions to the Halls of Valor to prepare for the final battle for the fate of Azeroth. But following Loken's betrayal, she was persuaded to join him and turn upon her master. She now lurks in the shadowy realm beneath the world, plotting her revenge.


Almost certainly named after the region in Norse mythology called Helheim.

  • Also the name of a glacier in Greenland.