Priest Damage Spells

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Damage Spells:
There are very few damage spells available to a Priest unfortunately. Many Priests find themselves using their wand and Shadow Word: Pain as their main sources of damage. This doesn't mean that Priests don't have other options, they just aren't as commonly used.

Mana Burn - This is a spell with a 3 second cast time, somewhat lengthy. It does two things, drains your targets mana and converts half the mana drained into Shadow damage which is then inflicted on your opponent. This spell can be very helpful for preventing mobs that can heal from doing so as well as draining the mana from extremely dangerous mana users. You won't use this much solo except to open up with a mana drain on occasion.

Mind Blast - The Priest's best offensive spell point for point, it does a high amount of damage in a short amount of time. With a 1.5 second cast time, this is a very quick spell. It has a couple drawbacks however, most notably an 8 second cooldown making it less useful. It also generates a lot of hate. This means using it in instances is a bad idea as you will increase the chances of a mob coming and attacking you, which is usually detrimental to the health of your party.

Shadow Word: Pain - This is a potent damage spell for most Priests. It is an instant cast spell that deals damage to the opponent over time in ticks of 3 seconds (every 3 seconds a specific amount of damage is dealt). This spell is the bread and butter for every solo encounter that you expect to last a fair amount of time, usually 10 seconds or more.

Smite - A moderate casting time spell with decent damage output and mana efficiency. This can be useful when fighting mobs at range, but isn't as useful when in melee. It's a decent spell though not particularly impressive.

Holy Fire - A slow casting spell with high damage output and a DoT effect to boot, this is a great opener. The cast time is extremely high, but the damage it deals more than makes up for the wait. It is as effective if not slightly more so effective than Smite due to the DoT effect. Not something to spam cast, but useful in situations where you have time to use it.

These five spells are what you're limited to without talents and racial abilities. From talents you can also get Mind Flay and Holy Nova.

Mind Flay - One of the best Priest offensive spells, the only disadvantage is that you're required to spec into the Shadow tree to get it. It is highly mana efficient, deals out a good amount of damage, and slows your opponent to 50% of their normal movement speed. One of the Priest’s best offensive spells, be careful getting it though, you will have to give up some of your healing capacity.

Holy Nova – This is an instant cast AoE heal and damage dealing spell. Although not particularly efficient for healing, this is very powerful for dishing out damage to several nearby mobs at once. This is an 11 point talent in the Holy tree so it is easily accessible and does not hurt your ability to heal in any way. Another plus to this spell is that it generates no hate, so if someone else is attacking a monster while you're casting this spell, there is no way you can get aggro. The only downside to it is the high mana cost meaning that it is very dangerous to use in fights where your healing is needed.

There are 2 other spells that are race specific, these are Starshards and Devouring Plague. I haven't had the chance to play with either of these spells so the description given in the Race section of this guide is pretty much the extent of my knowledge on the spells. Starshards is a Night Elf spell and Devouring Plague is an Undead spell.

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