Priest PvE Solo Tactics

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PvE Solo Tactics

A solo priest is somewhat vulnerable, but because of their combination of healing, DD , DOT and shielding spells, a well played priest can take up to about three mobs of the same level.

Against a single mob you should begin just at the edge of the range of your best DD spell, preferably a long-cast spell. Cast that, then lay on a Shadow Word: Pain to get some DOT going. You should then be able to get off another DD spell or two before the mob reaches you. Then you can either simply beat the mob into submission or use more DD spells until your shield runs down or you've used enough mana, and then wand or dagger-wand combo the mob.

Another technique is to Vampiric Embrace, SW:P, then Mind Blast, THEN PW:S, then Mind Flay, then wand them down, refreshing SW:P as needed.

Against a group of mobs , begin by casting PW:S. This is the most important step. Against multiple mobs, especially quick attacking ones, it is very difficult to get off very many spells. Then, attack a healer/caster/melee (in that order of preference) with your best DD spell. Then lay down Shadow Word: Pain on each of them to get DOT going on them all. Then concentrate on your original target until its dead. At this point (preferably not before) it may be necessary to use Psychic Scream to ward off the other attackers, as you will be in bad shape. Use this interval to heal/bandage if necessary, and to recast SW:P on all your targets again. If you're still battling more than one mob, reshield. Hopefully you have enough mana to cast another DD spell on the next mob, which should almost finish him off. From here on in you'll likely have to wand or dagger-wand it to death since your mana will be low, which shouldn't be too hard, then repeat on the final mob(s). I find this to be easiest against humanoids that run at around 15% health, as they do 15% less damage and interrupting when doing so. Be aware that against multiple mobs, your shield goes down quickly. If the situation goes wrong, or if you don't think you'll last, shield-renew-run/fear-run, or use an instant cast heal (Desperate Prayer on yourself if you're a human or a dwarf. Undead should use Devouring Plague on a mob that they don't intend to kill soon, so as to get the full benefit of the healing effect.

Remember the basics:

  • Relax
  • Priests are casters. Don't let the fights turn into slugfests.
  • Begin the fight at maximum range and with a long cast time spell.
  • Keep DOT on all targets at all times.
  • Know when to run.
  • Remember that you have the ability to fear and heal.

Although priests are not mainly melee players, they do have a significant amount of resilience thanks to their healing abilities and frequently high Spirit stat. Occasionally a difficult fight against multiple mobs will leave you low on mana with one opponent attacking you at close range with full health. In this situation, you should rely on burst casting to keep you alive while you slowly whittle away your opponent's health with your wand and SW:P.

In these cases, the five second rule is your friend. If possible, apply Inner Fire and Renew on yourself to keep your health up, while putting SW:P on the mob. Continue to use your wand until your health is around 50%. By this time, you will probably regenerate enough mana to cast your most mana-efficient spell, Greater Heal. Even if the mob is hitting you quickly, you should get your health almost back to full before it takes you into the danger zone. At this point, your five second timer will reset, so take advantage of this by recasting IF, Renew, and SW:P as necessary.

If you continue this cycle, you should be able to keep your health up indefinitely, as long as the enemy is not too high above your level and you don't get more adds.

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