Priest Discipline Build Guide

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Discipline Build

Here is the minimal build for discipline for a primary healer:

Discipline Mastery

Unbreakable Will Rank 5

Improved Power Word: Shield Rank 3

Improved Power Word: Fortitiude Rank 2

Mental Agility Rank 5

Mental Strength Rank 5

Inner Focus Rank 1

Discipline Total: 21

Although Unbreakable Will never seemed to be all that powerful, you do need to invest in it or Silent Resolve. Unbreakable Will increases your chance to resist stun, fear and silence, so I find it to be a better investment than a talent that reduced threat generated by your damage spells when you are primarily healing.

Improved Power Words are a great benefit, especially the Shield version. The investment into gaining rank 3 in Improved Power Word: Shield will reduce the time you must wait before you can cast Power Word: Shield on the same person by 15 seconds.

Mental Agility reduces the mana cost of instant cast spells by 10%, while Mental Strength increases your overall mana by 10%.

And then, of course, Inner Focus which reduces your next spell’s mana cost to 0.

The Holy tree has shifted around a bit, and they have also removed the most useful spell of the Holy line, Combat Resurrection. It was a quick casting resurrection spell that resurrected the target with no sickness and most of their health and mana. The Holy tree wasn’t very impressive to begin with, but for someone who will be looking to be primarily a healer, it’s the best option to increase your mana efficiency.

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