Priest Healing Spells

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Healing Spells:

Flash Heal - Your primary heal spell, fast and efficient, you'll use this healing spell more than any other heal without question. Though slightly less mana efficient than other heals, the speed with which it delivers it's healing more than makes up for this fact.

Greater Heal - A slower but more efficient heal, this is for moments where a quick heal isn't critical. Being more mana efficient and gaining a lot of the benefits of your +healing gear, this spell is more for players who take periodic damage and used when you have time to spend healing them.

Heal - The weaker version of Greater Heal, this is learned at earlier levels.

Lesser Heal - Your first heal, this will eventually become Heal and Greater Heal. This will be your primary heal until you get Flash Heal, once you have Flash Heal, this spell will effectively become obsolete.

Prayer of Healing - The biggest bang for your buck, this spell heals your entire party for an amount around your Flash Heal. With 5 times the healing power for only 3 times the mana cost, this spell is powerful when used properly. Best used in situations when at least 3 members of your party need a Flash Heal this can be a huge mana conserver if used appropriately. The downsides to this spell are that it has a 3 second cast, meaning you need to have time to cast it, and if you heal less than 3 people or don't heal 3 people to full, it is very mana inefficient.

Renew - The quick fix to periodic damage, this is an instant cast spell with slow, but efficient returns. This spell heals a player for an amount of damage around that of your Flash Heal over 15 seconds. This spell is similar to Greater Heal in that it is meant to heal periodic damage done to a player. However, the major difference is that this spell is less mana efficient but more time efficient. Where you're required to do nothing but cast Greater Heal for its duration, this spell allows you to heal periodic damage without taking your eyes off of a more important healing target for more than 1.5 seconds.

Having a much deeper selection for healing, your options aren't nearly as limited as they are with damage output. They increase slightly more with talents.

Holy Nova - As a healing spell, this isn't a huge benefit, but it does have its small advantages. It is a quick instant heal for a small but sometimes life-saving amount of mana. More an offensive spell than a healing spell, have fun trying to find ways to apply it to healing, but odds are better than not that it will go unused as a true healing spell.

Spirit of Redemption - Many times called Improved Dying, this spell empowers you to heal upon your death. Granting you 10 seconds of free healing after you die, this is an interesting talent. It's a nice save for those moments when you die unluckily, making it possible to save your party, but the actual applications of this as a healing spell are limited.

Lightwell - This spell creates a bowl of light that remains for 2 minutes and has 5 charges. Acting as a sort of bandage substitute, this spell is useful for passively healing your party as you don't have to do anything to do the healing, but because of its ten minute cooldown, it's only truly useful in boss fights.

Last but not least are your buff spells and other miscellaneous spells. These spells are not a direct damage or healing effect but do have potent strategic value.

Abolish Disease - This is a short duration buff that will remove a disease debuff from the targeted player on the initial cast and once every 5 seconds thereafter for 20 seconds.

Cure Disease - This removes a disease debuff from the targeted player. Many diseases have very negative effects on players and should be removed as soon as possible.

Dispel Magic - An instant cast spell that removes a positive Magic buff from an enemy or a negative Magic debuff from an ally, this is a powerful spell for keeping your party alive from seemingly innocent debuffs that prevent you from healing effectively, inflict periodic damage, and have many other nasty effects.

Fade - An instant cast spell that effectively resets your hate to 0 for a short duration of time (the actual number is tough to determine). This spell is used in tight situations where you have aggro and need to drop it quickly so that you don't die or have party members die due to you taking damage.

Inner Fire - Another life saving type spell, this reduces the damage you take from physical attacks by increasing your armor for a short duration of time. A good way to keep yourself alive is to cast this when you notice you have aggro either before or after you Fade. The armor isn't enough to make you able to take hits for prolonged periods of time, but it can be a life saver.

Levitate - A self buff that slows your falling, prevents falling damage, and allows you to walk on water. This skill has few practical applications but can be fun to play with.

Mind Control - A powerful spell that lets you take over the target Humanoid’s mind, this can be used very intelligently as a form of crowd control in the right situations. I discourage using this spell however as it has 1 major drawback, the mob you mind control will have you on top of its hate list for a very long time, sometimes making it impossible for warriors to get aggro off of you. This spell has powerful practical applications, just be sure to understand the consequences that could occur.

Mind Vision - This is a semi scouting tool. It puts the camera on the targeted mob or player for the duration of the spell and you effectively look through that player's eyes. Great for scouting a pull or seeing what a player is doing.

Power Word: Fortitude - This spell buffs your party with a set amount of stamina, increasing their hp for 30 minutes. This is a potent spell and should be on your party members at all times. It gives you more room for error with healing and can be the difference between success and failure in many fights.

Power Word: Shield - This spell is an instant cast damage shield. It prevents the next X damage to the targeted player, where X is based on the rank you cast. This spell has a short cooldown for you and a 15 second cooldown for casting on another player, so it's meant as a saving grace rather than a reliable form of protection. Don't overuse it, if you do, you'll find yourself unable to cast it when you actually need it.

Prayer of Fortitude - This is Power Word: Fortitude for your whole party and on a 60 minute timer.

Psychic Scream - An instant cast local fear, this sends the 5 nearest enemies fleeing in terror at level 60. The first rank of the spell sends 1 enemy, with successive ranks sending more people fleeing. This is useful while soloing and in controlled confined areas where fearing is safe. It allows you to give yourself 8 seconds of breathing room for spell casting and can really save you in a tight spot. Some drawbacks are a 30 second cooldown and the fact that many times feared mobs will unexpectedly aggro nearby mobs. Be very wary of using this ability in instances and areas where mobs are tightly packed together. It may get you killed more often than saving you.

Resurrection - An important Priest spell, this allows you to revive dead players so that you can continue adventuring with them without them having to run back from the graveyard. This is especially important in instances where it may be impossible to run back from the graveyard.

Shackle Undead - The second of two crowd control abilities available to the Priest, this shackles an undead mob in place for a set amount of time and prevents them from doing anything. This does not work on undead players.

Shadow Protection - A mid duration buff that gives a moderate amount of shadow resistance, this should be used before an encounter in which lots of shadow damage is expected to be taken by the party.

Prayer of Shadow Protection - A 20 minute version of Shadow Protection that also buffs the whole party of the target.

There are also several buffs available only from talents.

Divine Spirit - This is similar to Power Word: Fortitude in that it gives a long duration buff. Instead of stamina it provides spirit however, a huge benefit to other healers.

Prayer of Spirit – A 60 minute version of Divine Spirit that also buffs the entire party of the target.

Inner Focus - This makes your next spell cast free of mana and have a 25% increased chance of critting.

Shadowform - A useful too for dealing out damage and reducing damage taken, be wary of using it as you are unable to cast heal spells while in Shadowform.

Silence - A powerful debuff that prevents the target from casting any spells for 5 seconds.

Vampiric Embrace - A debuff that transfers any shadow spell damage you deal to the target into a small amount of HP for your party.

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