Priest Gear Guide

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Priests can use some weapons and wands, but can only wear cloth armor, which makes them fragile in melee combat or against damage in general. The best weapons early on (once you have the 10   needed to train in them) are staves, and they continue to be for groups, as bonuses are more important than weapon DPS. Once you hit mid-20s, soloing with a dagger and wand can be a better option, but staves will most often be better than anything else when part of a group. You can always hold onto multiple weapons in your inventory for different purposes: a dagger (and an off-hand to boost your stats), and a staff. Swap them out as necessary depending on your situation.

Usually, Priests who are going to do any soloing at all should concentrate on getting the best cloth armor possible (within financial reason), since it is their greatest weakness. Getting armor patches from a leatherworker can be a huge boost, as the +x bonus will be larger percentage of your total armor than with other armor types. Also consider an armor enchant for your cloak, which again, will have a greater overall effect on your armor than characters who wear other armor types.

Tailoring is a mediocre profession for a priest at lower levels. Although cloth is generally what priests wear, most of a low-level priest's equipment will be from instance drops or quests. It is probably more economical to purchase any necessary upgrades from the AH or from friends/guildmates and use two gathering professions instead, at least until you are level 50 or so. However, if your other profession is enchanting, many players find success in adopting tailoring as their second profession, even at lower levels. Tailors can cheaply produce items that can be disenchanted for use in enchantments.

For priests above level 60 in the Burning Crusade expansion, tailoring dramatically improves in usefulness. In the Burning Crusade, tailoring gives access to a number of high-level patterns that can only be worn by the player who makes them. For example, many high-level priests believe that the full Primal Mooncloth gear set, which can only be made and worn by high level tailors, is the best healing gear available in the game, with the sole exception of certain very high level epic items that are very difficult to obtain.

Engineering can also be a good profession for a priest, as engineers can start creating cloth head gear (such as Flying Tiger Goggles or Shadow Goggles ) early in the game. Engineering also allows a priest to create Combat Pets such as Gnomish Battle Chickens or Mithril Mechanical Dragonlings for him or herself.

+Healing gear

As a special consideration for shadow priests who don't want to respec but do want to be a main healer for lvl 40+ instances, consider investing in +healing items as you can find them at the Auction House (AH). It's worth considering for Healing and Discipline priests as well, but for a shadow priest who does both PVP and instances, it's a major lifesaver.

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