Priest Solo PVE Technique

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Solo PVE Technique

Priests can solo, albeit in the same medium-DPS, highly defensive manner that paladins usually work with. Instead of buffing your defense and Armor, though, you’re going to use Power Word: Fortitude and Power Word: Shield to increase your Stamina and make yourself completely resistant to damage.

Power Word: Shield will, indeed, be the most important spell in a solo Priest’s inventory, and you may want to set up a custom macro so that a single button press will cast it on yourself, for example:

/target yourname (e.g. "/target Onyxis" if your character’s name is Onyxis)
/cast Power Word Shield(Rank1)
/script TargetLastEnemy();

This will let you quickly refresh your Shield whenever it drops, and then automatically switch your targetting back to whatever enemy you were focused on before. Don’t forget to keep the normal version bound so you can cast it on your teammates, though!

After you have a Shield up, you can go to town with your offensive spells. The Shield will prevent your spells from being interrupted while it’s up, so you can use the longer casting spells that dish out more damage. Keep in mind that you can’t continually spam Shield onto yourself if it drops, though, as you’ll automatically gain a Weakened Soul status effect that’ll prevent you from recasting it, but you can invest in the Improved Power Word: Shield talent that’ll cut the timer on this status effect by a significant amount. If you anticipate taking a lot of damage from an enemy, you can wait a few seconds in between casting Shield and entering combat to let the Weakened Soul timer tick down a bit. This will let you recast it during battle more quickly, since you shouldn’t have to wait for the timer to run out beforehand.

Against normal mobs, a typical sequence of events will go something like this, dependent on your talents. Begin by buffing yourself with Shield, then cast Shadow Word: Pain on your target to get its attention. As it approaches, use Mind Blast and Mind Flay (if you have this latter) until the target closes it. You can keep casting offensive spells if your Shield stays up, then start using your weapon to deal the killing blow, reapplying Shadow Word: Pain when it drops. If the mob starts to run, use Mind Flay to slow it down and get in a bit of damage to boot. You should get in the habit of casting Renew on yourself (perhaps using a macro like the one above) so that you constantly gain back life during fights. Be careful of using Psychic Scream, except as a last resort, because the mob will often attract the attention of other nearby mobs and bring them down onto you.

Of course, all of this is dependent on your specific build; the specific example above presupposes that you’re investing heavily into Shadow talents. If not, you may have to shuffle things around a bit, with spells like Inner Fire, Smite, and even Renew to act as a quasi-shield.

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