Druid Balance Spells & Abilities

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All of the following spells are cast by a druid in caster form. Druids who specialize themselves deep into the Balance talent tree will also have access to Moonkin form, which uses many of these spells.

Causes 236 to 264 Nature Damage to Target. 2 second cast, 180 mana.

A simple direct damage spell, wrath is cheap and casts quickly. It will be the primary damaging spell a druid will use for his first few levels. Wrath is not a particularly popular spell for most druids once they reach level 60, as it simply does too little damage to be effective. A druid who specs into Balance, however, can make wrath substantially better, increasing its damage and range and lowering its casting time and mana cost significantly.

Burns the enemy for 189 to 221 Arcane Damage and an additional 384 Arcane Damage over 12 seconds. Instant cast, 375 mana.

Moonfire is the iconic druid spell in WoW. Moonfire does a modest amount of instant damage to the target, and applies a Damage over Time (DoT) to the target causing an additional amount of damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. Moonfire’s utility, however, is balanced by its high mana cast, more than double that of wrath. While it is tempting to simply spam the moonfire key to constantly cast and do damage, druids who try this will quickly run out of mana, and find that nearly every other class can still do more damage than a moonfire spamming druid.

Moonfire is a great spell when used correctly. Ideally, it should only be cast enough to keep the DoT on the target…think of the upfront damage as a bonus to the DoT that you are applying. Spamming it means you are wasting a great deal of mana by constantly reapplying the DoT, so moonfire becomes nothing more than a prohibitively expensive, low damage instant attack. That being said, when your target is low on health and you want to finish them off, 3 or 4 moonfires in a row can provide some burst damage to end the fight.

Causes 445 to 525 Arcane Damage to the Target. 3.5 second cast, 315 mana.

Starfire is the druid’s basic, slow casting direct damage spell. It provides a nice amount of damage capability for any druid, and if specced into Balance starfire becomes significantly more attractive, doing substantially more damage and gains a quicker casting time.

Thorns sprout from the target, causing 18 nature damage to attackers when hit. Lasts 10 minutes. 320 mana.

Thorns is a buff druids apply to themselves and their party members. 18 damage per attack is not a great deal, but in PvP it can’t hurt. In PVE, thorns increases the amount of damage a tank is doing to whatever is attacking, so its helps them to maintain a monster’s focus on them (keeping a monster’s focus on oneself is called holding aggro). Not a game changing spell by any means, but nice nonetheless.

Entangling Roots
Roots the target in place and causes 270 nature damage over 27 seconds. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only useable outdoors. 1.5 second cast, 125 mana.

Another signature druid spell, entangling roots has a great deal of functionality in both PvE and PvP. In PvP, rooting other players can keep them away from where they can do damage if they’re melee characters, or prevent them from escaping. In PVE, roots are used in the outdoor instanced dungeons as a form of crowd control…any monster that has no ranged attacks can effectively be rooted in place and kept away from the fight while other, more dangerous enemies are killed.

While entangling roots only works outdoors, it is important to note that this refers to where the druid is standing, not where his target is standing. This can occasionally be important in PvP: It doesn’t matter if the target is inside a building or on top of a tower, if the druid’s feet are outdoors he can root the target.

Faerie Fire
Decreases the armor of the target by 505 for 40 seconds. While affected, the target cannot stealth or turn invisible. Instant cast, 115 mana.

This spells utility is almost entirely derived from its ability to prevent a target from stealthing. This is the druid’s main anti-rogue weapon in PvP, as preventing a rogue from entering stealth prevents them from using many of their most powerful abilities. When attacking a rogue this should be the first thing cast on them in almost every circumstance. Few things are more enjoyable as a druid than Faerie Firing a rogue and watching them try to Vanish, which normally puts them into stealth automatically, and see them just running around confused that they’re still being attacked.

The armor reduction component of this spell is nice, but it’s dwarfed by other armor reducing abilities that other classes have, so it’s rarely a necessity. The exception to this is the feral version of this spell, which will be discussed later.

Teleport Moonglade
Teleports the Caster to the village of Nighthaven in Moonglade. 10 second cast, 120 mana.

Pretty self-explanatory, this spell will teleport the druid to Moonglade, which is a small druid village in a zone that otherwise can’t be reached till at least level 50 (the spell is learned at level 10). High level druids will find this spell grants easy access to top level zones of Felwood and Winterspring, and Night Elf druids will enjoy the easy access it provides to the Night Elf Capital of Darnassus.

Allows spell casting to not be interrupted by damage, reduces physical damage taken by 20%. Decreases melee attack speed by 20% and increases casting time of spells by 1 second. Instant Cast. Lasts 15 seconds. Mana cost is dependent on level, increases with your level.

Very useful when used in conjunction with Hurricane or Tranquility, which are both channeled spells…normally getting hit while channeling either spell reduces its duration and effectiveness. With barkskin taking damage will not affect the casting time of the spell. Typically a druid will cast this right before hurricane or tranquility.

Also useful for getting off a heal when being attacked by a monster with a very fast attack speed (especially a hunter’s pet).

Forces the target to sleep for 40 seconds. Any damage caused will awaken the target. Only works on Beasts and Dragonkin. 1.5 second cast. 150 mana.

A very useful spell in certain situations. A large number of PvE dungeons contain either beasts or dragonkin that can be slept to provide for crowd control.

In PvP, hunters’ pets are the natural target for this spell. Keep in mind, however, that druids who are shapeshifted and shamans in Ghost Wolf form also count as beasts and can be slept.

Soothe Beast
Soothe’s the target beast, reducing the range it will attack you by 10 yards. Only affects beasts. Lasts 15 seconds. 1.5 second cast, 100 mana.

A very situational spell. There are a small number of situations in some instanced dungeons where this can be useful to save time by skipping monsters, but otherwise its almost never necessary. Perhaps the least used spell in the druid’s inventory.

Create a Violent Storm in the target area, causing 134 nature damage every second for 10 seconds, and reducing the attack speed of enemies by 20%. Druid must channel to maintain this spell. 1495 mana.

The druid’s only real form of area of effect (AOE) damage. In certain situations this spell can be very effective, but in general the amount of damage it causes and the fact that it prevents the druid from doing anything else for 10 seconds makes it difficult to use effectively. Recommended for large scale PvP fights where you can catch a lot of enemies in it, or AOE situations in PvE where you are not being counted on as the main healer of the primary aoe’ers (Warlocks and especially Mages).

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