Druid Restoration Spells & Abilities

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In general, these spells are focused on healing. They are used in caster forms.

Mark of the Wild
Increases the target’s armor by 285, attributes by 12, and resistances by 20.

Arguably the best buff in the game. Keep this on yourself at all times, and whenever in a group you will be expected to buff everyone in the group. It lasts for 30 minutes or until death, so it doesn’t need to be constantly recast. At high levels a spell called "Gift of the Wild" becomes available which, at the cost of a reagent, will buff an entire 5 man group for an hour.

Healing Touch
Heals a friendly target for 1890 to 2230. 790 mana. 3.5 second cast.

The druid’s standard, slow casting, big heal. Useable in many situations, although in PvP and high end PvE it is often too slow casting to be reliable. Druids speccing into restoration will reduce the casting time to 3 seconds, which makes it slightly more manageable. A very important part of a druid’s healing arsenal, but only in combination with regrowth and rejuvenation.

Heals a friendly target for 1003 to 1109 and another 1064 over 21 seconds. 880 mana. 2 second cast.

Regrowth casts significantly faster than healing touch, and adds a Heal over Time (HoT) in addition to the direct heal. A druid highly specced in restoration will find this spell’s crit rate up in the 65-70% range, meaning in general it will heal for as much as a normal healing touch and also apply the HoT. The spell is more mana intensive than healing touch, as you will be casting it more often due to the shorter casting time. In general, regrowth is great to use on a target that is going to continue taking damage, such as a tank. If used just to bring someone back to full health, it isn’t very efficient, as the HoT will be wasted. When healing a main tank, a combination of regrowth and healing touch is effective; special emphasis should be made to cast regrowth at least every 21 seconds to ensure the HoT effect is always on the tank.

In PvP, regrowth will be your primary healing spell, as in most situations healing touch simply takes too long to cast.

Heals the target for 756 over 12 seconds. 335 mana. Instant cast.

Completing the druid’s healing circle, rejuvenation (rejuve) is a pure HoT. On its own, it won’t heal enough to keep someone who is taking damage up. It is great, however, in complement to the druid’s other abilities. Rejuve should always be kept on the main tank in any party, and come top off anyone else who takes some periodic damage.

Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life w/ 2200 health and 2800 mana. 2 second cast. 30 minute cooldown.

Commonly known as "Battle Rez", this spell resurrects a player. Unlike every other classes’ resurrection spell, this one can be used during combat, making it very valuable for some dungeons. Unfortunately, it has a 30 minute cooldown, meaning a druid isn’t capable of rezzing up a group after a wipe. The spell uses a reagent, with the cheapest reagent using the least powerful version of the spell (rezzes target w/ very little mana and health), while the most expensive reagent rezzes the target with a significant amount of health and mana. For efficiencies sake, it’s a good idea to carry around some of the cheapest reagent (maple seeds, 2 silver) to use when doing out of combat rezzes, or rezzing a priest/shaman/paladin after a wipe, and save the expensive reagents (ironwood seeds, 18 silver) for using your most powerful rez in the middle of combat, when the person rezzed needs mana and health immediately.

Cure/Abolish Poison
Cures a target of poison. Mana cost dependent on level.

These spells are essentially the same. Cure poison removes one poison effect on a target, while abolish poison will put a buff on the target curing them of a couple of poison effects over 8 seconds. They are the same mana cost. Useful for certain mobs and bosses during raids. In PvP, this is most important when fighting rogues or hunters, especially in order to keep crippling poison off so you can kite rogues, and viper sting off so hunters can’t drain your mana.

Remove Curse
Removes one curse from a target. Mana cost dependent on level.

Removes a curse from the target. Useful in many PvE encounters in the end game, and also good for PvP against warlocks.

Regenerates all party members health by 294 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. 1235 mana. Channeled spell. 10 minute cooldown.

This spell is the druid’s group heal. It’s highly situational. While there are occasions where it is useful, in general the cooldown is too long and the spell is too susceptible to being interrupted to make it worthwhile. In the rare instances it is useful, it is highly suggested that you cast barkskin first so it doesn’t get interrupted by any random small amount of damage you might take.

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