Druid Shape Shifting:Bear Form,Aquatic Form

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Shape shifting
The Druid can turn into a Bear or Cat, and transform into Aquatic Form or Traveling Form. The main penalty for this transformation is that the Druid is unable to cast spells or use items. You will need to learn proper management of these forms. You will likely have to switch to Druid form after combat to cast spells, heal, and use buffs, and then return to Bear or Cat form when you're ready to fight again. You will also need to learn which is the best form to fight in for each situation. Druids regenerate mana while in shape shift form. Shape shifting now breaks roots, snares, and freeze effects. All Shape shift forms now include immunity to polymorph effects. Shape shifting into an animal form will remove Polymorph effects. Shape shifting will counteract the slowing effects of frost-based spells (Frostbolt, Frost Shock, Cone of Cold, etc.).

    1.Druids in shape shifted form can gather herbs and skin creatures.
    2.When in Bear form, Dire Bear form, Cat form, Travel form or Aquatic form, the druid is considered a Beast.
    3.Druids are able to shape shift back into caster form while feared.
If you are in a shapeshift form and try to use an ability that may only be used in caster form, you will leave the form and use that ability. This means that you can shift from one form to another in one action. If you don't have mana to shift form, you will get an error message and remain in your current form. This can be disabled with /console autoUnshift 0

Druid Form
This form is useful when soloing until your Cat abilities are built up. While in parties if you are acting as a healer, you will need to remain in this form so you're ready to heal.

Bear Form
While in Bear form you are similar to a Warrior. You might wish to read over the Warrior page for insights on how to play a Warrior. Bear form increases armor and hit points, and allows the use of various bear abilities. Bear form is useful in parties when you need someone to tank. The Bear has several useful abilities including taunt and a stun to interrupt spells. These abilities are only usable in Bear form.

Effects that lower armor will lower armor by a percentage of the druid's full armor. Enrage only removes 75% of base armor.

Swipe - Swipe X nearby enemies.

Growl - Adds a small amount of threat to the target. This is your taunt ability that you use to get the monster to attack you rather than a weak party member such as a spellcaster. Growl is useable against targets that are immune to physical attacks.

Demoralizing Roar - The Druid roars, decreasing nearby enemies' attack power by X.

Maul - Increases the Druid's next attack by X damage. Rage cost reduced if Maul fails.

Enrage - Generates X rage over X sec. but decreases armor by X%. The Druid is considered in combat for the duration.

Bash - Bashes the target, stunning for X seconds. This of course is especially useful against spellcasters. Rage cost reduced if Bash fails.

Challenging Roar - Taunts all nearby enemies for X sec. Challenging Roar is useable against targets that are immune to physical attacks.

Frenzied Regeneration - Converts up to X rage per second into health for Y sec. Each point of rage is converted into Z health.

Aquatic Form
Shape shift into aquatic form to increase swim speed and gain underwater breathing. Aquatic form looks like an angry seal. This form is useful for underwater exploration. It's useful for traveling by water faster than by land until travel form is available. Trick: if you're fighting under water and are about to run out of air (breath), convert to Aquatic form to replenish air. Then switch back. You can fight in Aquatic form for laughs but you can't use any special abilities or cast spells.

Aquatic form mana cost scales with level.

Cat Form
Shape shift into Cat form to increase attack speed and gain the use of various Cat abilities. This form has an innate threat reduction component. The cat is much like the Rogue. You should read the Rogue Basics page for more details on how to play a Rogue. Many Cat abilities are similar to Rogue abilities. Cat form is best for soloing and for party use. If you're a Rogue player, you can appreciate how useful this form can be. Feline Swiftness regains its speed increase when moving from indoors to outdoors.

Prowl - Allows the Druid to sneak around, but reduces movement speed to X% of normal. Abilities will not cancel Prowl when they fail to go off.

Claw - Claw the enemy, causing X additional damage. Awards one combo point. Energy cost reduced if Claw fails.

Rip - Finishing move that causes damage over time. Damage increases per combo point.

Shred - Shred the target, causing 225% damage plus X damage to the target. Must be behind the target. Awards one combo point. You do not need to be in stealth mode to use this ability. Energy cost reduced if Shred fails.

Tiger's Fury - Increase damage done by X for X sec.

Rake - Rake the target for X bleed damage and an additional Y damage over 9 sec. Awards 1 combo point.

Dash - Increases movement speed for X sec. Dash can be used while prowling.

Cower - Cower, causing no damage but lowering your threat a small amount. Energy cost reduced if Cower fails. Cower is useable against targets that are immune to physical attacks.

Track Humanoid - Shows the location of all nearby humanoids on the minimap for X minutes.

Pounce - Pounce on the enemy, stunning the target for X sec and causing X damage over X sec. Must be stealthed. Awards one combo point. Energy cost reduced if Pounce fails.

Feline Grace - Reduces damage from falling. You can use this ability to jump off high cliffs and land safely.

Ferocious Bite - Finishing move that causes damage per combo point and converts each point of energy into additional damage.

Travel Form
Transforms the druid into a travel form, increasing movement speed. You become a cool-looking cheetah. Travel form mana cost scales with level. Travel form is not useable underwater or indoors.

Flight Form
At level 68 you can get a new form that allows you to fly in the air in Outland.

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