Druid Multi-Target Healing

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The key to success with Lifebloom is that not only can it do a large amount of healing when stacked, but maintaining this only takes 1.5 seconds of cooldown out of every six to seven second casting sequence. This leaves the Druid free to use approximately five seconds of casting or cooldown time to cast other spells in-between refreshing the Lifebloom, and also allows them freedom of movement due to the nature of instant cast spells.

The most effective use of this extra time is to keep Lifebloom stacked on one or more other targets as well, effectively doubling or more the raw amount of healing done every second. Unfortunately not all encounters lend themselves to the optimal scenario for this, multiple tanks taking consistent damage. However, in both Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye, enough battles do fit this mold to make this strategy successful. The following is a list of the encounters found in these instances and how a multi-target Lifebloom style can fit with them:

Serpentshrine Trash: All of it except for Colossi utilizes more than one tank.
Hydross the Unstable: Three tanks at most times (the phase MT + two OTs)
The Lurker Below: One tank in phase 1, several in phase 2.
Morogrim Tidewalker: One tank through the majority of the fight.
Fathom Lord Karathress: Four tanks early on, as the number of tanks used decreases the number of healers taking consistent damage increases.
Leotheras the Blind: Two tanks used, but the nature of this fight makes the Lifebloom strategy ineffective.
Lady Vashj: Several targets taking damage in phase 2.
TK Trash: Most of the trash except for the Phoenixes uses more than one tank.
Al’ar: One tank at a time in phase 1, multiple OTs to choose from in phase 2.
Void Reaver: Another fight out of tree, but still effective to keep a stack on the MT.
Solarian: If the Wrath of the Astromancer debuff is being tanked by two AR tanks Lifebloom is ideal for healing them.
Kael’Thas: One tank throughout phase 1, several tanks during phases 2, 3, and 4.

In the event that there is only one target in need of healing, the mana strain on the Druid will be light enough to maintain three Lifebloom stacks, and Rejuvenation.

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