Druid PVP Technique

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One-on-One PVP Technique

Solo PVP is one of the areas in which the cat form can really come in handy, mostly due to your stealth ability, which will let you sneak up on an enemy while he or she is engaging someone else and use your Ravage move for super opening damage. After you’re in combat, you can either continue on with a cat combo or switch back to humanoid form for spells or to bear form for extra health and armor. You really do rely on a large initial burst of damage, though, as you won’t be able to out-damage a rogue or mage or out-last a warrior or paladin; solo PVP is one of the areas in which you pay for your versatility, unfortunately.

Group PVP

As with shamans, your primary role here will be to sit back, heal your teammates (using Rejuvenation on whomever is currently taking the brunt of the damage) and use your offensive spells to dish out damage to whomever your party’s primary target seems to be. As with a rogue, you will be able to use your cat form to get behind the enemies and hit ‘em where it hurts, but you can expect opposing hunters to tag you with Hunter’s Mark to prevent you from doing so, especially when there aren’t any rogues on your side of the playing field, so get stealthed quickly if you intend to pull this off. This will often be a self-sacrificing move, as any rear-line enemies will quickly turn to kill you, and without the Vanish ability of a rogue, you aren’t going to be able to do much to prevent this. If you can find a target that’s sufficiently isolated, though, you’ll probably be able to take them down before needing to retreat.

One of the notable talent setups for PVP druids is with a full loadout in Nature’s Grasp and Improved Nature’s Grasp. If you soak five talents into these abilities, you will be able to immediately root anyone who enters into melee range with you, with a 100% chance of success. Even if you don’t go with the full five points, you’ll still have a good chance of eventually rooting your enemy, which will let you engage at a range, switch over to your travel form to escape, heal yourself, or what have you. Roots are huge in PVP, and although the talent isn’t quite as useful in PVE combat, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re on a PVP server.

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