Druid Talent Tree:Restoration Branch,Feral Branch

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The World of Warcraft druid talent tree branches are feral, restoration, and balance. Knowing what each branch of the talent tree does can help a character customize his World of Warcraft Druid. Feral is for the druid who wants to tank, balance allows a druid to specialize in ranged spell casting, and restoration improves the druid’s healing ability.

The Restoration Branch

The restoration branch of the druid talent tree improves the druid’s ability to heal. Druids can fill the role of healer well in World of Warcraft, but 30 minute timer on the class’s resurrections causes it to suffer over other healing classes. Restoration druids will never be at a loss for groups, but restoration is not the only option available in the druid talent tree that will help a character find groups.

The Feral Branch

Shapeshifiting is an ability unique to druids in World of Warcraft. There is a rogue from for dealing extra damage and a bear form that allows the druid to tank. Characters that specialize in the feral branch of the druid talent tree can easily fill the role of tanks in groups where they will use the bear form. If the feral druid is brought into a group that already has a tank, he can switch to cat form instead to do additional damage.

The Balance Branch

The balance branch of the druid talent tree improves the damage a character can do with his raged spells. Moonkin form is a shape found only in the balance branch that further improves a character's spell damage The play stile of a character who choose to specialize in the balance branch will be similar to that of a mage, but the character will be more dependent on gear than the magician..

Combining the Talent Trees

Even a druid who specializes in one of their talent trees can fill a number or roles in a group, but the druid will not be a true specialist in any one field. Even though the timer on the druid’s resurrection spell is 30 minutes, it is the only such spell in the game that can be used in combat and on another player.

It is possible to combine talents from different branches of the talent tree. Before trying such experimentation in game, it is better to use a talent calculator available on websites like WoWHead or IGN Vault. Characters are allowed to relearn talents in game, but the initial cost is gold and it rises each time a character uses this option.

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