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5 Hunter Tips for WSG PVP

5. Use Target's Target.

I used to think this wasn't a big deal, until I tried it out. Now, I wonder how I could have played without it. As a hunter, you often have many choices of who to attack during a mid-field or even flagroom skirmish. A lot of novice hunters hit Tab once and start shooting away. Some choose the first squishy they see. To truly shine, click on a fellow player, DPS-class is best, and choose his target. You will almost instantly turn the tide of that little battle in your team's favor.

Also, this has the added advantage of telling you when you yourself are being targeted. Since we start at range, there is usually about 1-2 seconds before someone closes to melee with us. Most players will go after 1 target singlemindely until it is dead, then tab around for the next target. That's the time where they might see you and go for you. Many times, during a big fight, I would see a mage start charging up a fire spell. Target's target told me that the mage was targeting me, and I would quickly FD, effectively kicking his spellcast and wasting all that time he spent standing still.

4. Use the Addon called TrackerAssist, along with /target <playername>

It's instinct to me now. As soon as I hear that noise indicating that my team's flag has been picked up by <playername>, I type /target <playername>. His icon in my target box tells me what type he is, whether humanoid or beast (druids in forms, shaman in ghostwolf). Then I mouse over his blip on the minimap, and click it. The TrackerAssist addon announces his location, class, level, and guild to the rest of my team. It's your job as hunters to find and track down the important players on the enemy side!

3. Move around while shooting.

Yes, you can move and still shoot. Very, very very few hunters know this! Your autoshoot is on a timer based on your ranged weapon speed, but true period that you actually need to stand still is when the animation is showing you pulling back the bow -- around 0.5 seconds. I use the Addon called Sorren's Hunter timers, which tracks every single cooldown and timer on hunters' abilities, including Autoshot.

To shoot while moving, simply stop for about 0.3 seconds right as the autoshot timer is winding down. Note that if you wait too long to stop, Autoshot will be canceled and you have to do the shooting animation all over again.

2. Use the flip camera key.

There's a keybinding in WOW called "Flip Camera". What it does is what it says. For us master kiters, I find this key immensely useful. I have mine bound to "Q", and would press it in quick succession Q Q(lol!) to get a quick glance at what was going on behind me. It might be a little strange, but there are times IRL where I have found myself wanting a Q button!

1. And finally, the best tip for WSG for hunters:

HIDE! There are plenty of places in midfield where the shrubbery or tree stumps prevents direct sight. It doesn't stop the arrows from magically clipping through them and hitting their targets though! These shrubbery are prime places to start an Aimed shot, once your target has already acquired his target. I believe very strongly that hunters' number 1 strength is their ability to pick targets at range, and deliver moderdate to heavy ranged damage without exposing themselves to harm.

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