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Cenarion Expedition Tips

The base for the reputation rewards and quests for the Cenarion Expedition can be found at the Cenarion Refuge in eastern Zangarmarsh. You can gain reputation for Cenarion Expedition by completing quests in Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest, and Blade’s Edge Mountains. There are also several repeatable quests you can do to gain reputation. The other primary way to gain reputation is by running the instances of Coilfang Reservoir. Here are some tips to maximize your reputation gains:

Prior to Honored reputation
You can kill Naga throughout Zangarmarsh to gain reputation. The Slave Pens, the first 5-man wing of Coilfang Reservoir, will also yield good reputation gains. You can gather Unidentified Plant Parts from various creatures around Zangarmarsh and turn them in for reputation. These can be turned in until the end of Friendly reputation.

From Honored to Revered
The repeatable quest, "Uncatalogued Species," is started from an item that is occasionally obtained from turning in Unidentified Plant Parts. Now is a good time to do all the Cenarion Expedition quests from Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest, and Blade's Edge Mountains. The reputation gains from Slave Pens and Underbog stop part of the way through Honored, making Steamvault your remaining source of reputation in Coilfang Reservoir. In Steamvault you can get access to a repeatable quest after looting a letter, "Orders from Lady Vashj," from a random monster inside. This quest will allow you to turn in Coilfang Armaments, found off of monsters inside Steamvault, for reputation. Running Steamvault and turning in Coilfang Armaments is an efficient way to finish getting to Revered.

From Revered to Exalted
Continue to run Steamvault and turn in Coilfang Armaments. The Armaments are not soulbound, so you can get them from other players or from the Auction House. Uncatalogued Species will also continue to yield reputation. Lastly, you can get reputation from any wing of Coilfang Reservoir if you run them in Heroic Mode.
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