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WoW Ogri'la Faction Tips

Once thought mere legend, the Ogre plateau of enlightenment is indeed real, and those who prove their worth may find much to occupy themselves in the hidden sanctuary of Orgi'la. The new Outland faction has much to offer an enterprising player in search of enlightenment - and perhaps those with more material rewards in mind.

Level 70 players will be able to assist the ogres of Ogri'la in their battle with invading forces and engage in a selection of one-time and daily quests, such as a repeatable bombing run. At the highest levels of standing with Ogri'la, players will gain access to powerful rewards including rare and epic armor and weapons. Many of these rewards feature unique mechanics which will be explained below.

The Ogri'la faction is loosely affiliated with the Sha'tari Skyguard, as they are close neighbors in Blade's Edge Mountains. Thus, if you're doing Skyguard quests, you will be in close proximity to the Ogri'la quests, and vice versa - it makes sense to work on both factions simultaneously. Like other factions who offer daily quests, the daily quests of the Ogri'la faction are a great money source in addition to the reputation gains they award.

Ogri'la is located on a high plateau on the western edge of Blade's Edge Mountains, midway between Forge camps Terror and Wrath. However, you must first prove your worth to Ogri'la before any of the NPCs there will speak with you and offer quests. What would impress these ogres enough to give an outsider access to their most carefully guarded sanctuary? Read on...

Reaching Neutral Reputation

Your first goal is to reach neutral reputation with Ogri'la, as you must be neutral to interact with the Ogri'la questgivers and vendors. To start the process, talk to the ogre Grok in the southeast corner of Shattrath's Lower City - he shouldn't be hard to miss. He sends you off to see Mog'dorg the Wizened in Blade's Edge, who will begin the quest line that will bring you to neutral with Ogri'la upon its completion.

The Ogri'la faction has a somewhat high barrier to entry compared to other Outland factions, as you will discover early in the process. The quests that Mog'dorg gives you are challenging, and require a group of up to five members to complete. Only upon the successful completion of all these group quests will you gain Neutral reputation with Ogri'la. Finally satisfied with your combat prowess, Mog'dorg.will send you to Ogri'la and its questgivers, who will now talk to you.

Neutral -> Friendly

There are several quest lines available at neutral. Upon completing several of these quests, you will unlock a daily version of that quest. There are three daily quests to be precise:

The Relic's Emanation [Daily]
- This entertaining quest will test your powers of observation and memory, as you will be asked to reproduce a sequence of colored lights - much like a certain toy from several decades ago. When you complete enough sequences correctly, you will receive an Apexis Emanation buff, which is the object of the quest. If you enter part of a sequence incorrectly, you'll be zapped and lose some health, which can kill you if you're already low on health or enter multiple incorrect entries quickly. An easy way to do this quest is to open a chat box and type out the first letter of the colors that you need to remember, such as "RBYRY" for example.

Bomb Them Again [Daily]
This quest is obtained at the nearby Skyguard camp, after completing a quest chain that sends you there. The second daily quest is another bombing run similar to Fires of the Skettis. This time, the targets are Fel Cannonball Stacks. Look for the glowing green stacks of cannonballs near Fel Cannons. However, while you're trying to bomb them, the cannons will be shooting at you. If hit, you'll fall off your flying mount, which could have a spectacularly bad outcome if you're high enough in the air. If you survive the landing you'll still have a damage-over-time effect on you that might finish you off, so be careful.

Essentially, you need to keep moving at all times while in the air to avoid cannon fire. Wait for the bombs' cooldown to expire, then dive down and chuck one down at a cannonball pile. Then immediately turn a different direction and climb out of danger!
Wrangle More Aether Rays! [Daily]
This quest is also obtained from the Skyguard camp. The object of this daily quest is to catch five aether rays, located throughout the area, and bring them to Skyguard Khatie. Once you find one, you need to damage it until it's almost dead - then wrangle it with the provided Wrangling Rope. Use caution when using damage over time spells and effects and/or pets, as they may finish off the rays before they can be wrangled. In addition, there are often a lot of other monsters around the rays so you need to be careful pulling them to avoid extras.

Once you capture a ray, it will follow you around on a leash. You can hand in the rays individually or in groups - turning in a total of five will complete this daily quest.

Friendly -> Honored

Once you reach Friendly, you will be given a quest to speak to the Ogri'la quartermaster, who will show you what rewards you have earned the right to purchase. A fundamental element of the quests and reward structure of Ogri'la involves collecting Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals. You need both Shards and Crystals as the currency to purchase the rewards. Apexis Shards are obtained as a common drop from monsters in the area, whereas Apexis Crystals are obtained from using the shards to summon an elite monster who drops one. Using 35 Apexis Shards at the appropriate location in either of the nearby Forge Camps summons an elite demon which drops an Apexis Crystal as well as green or blue items. One member of your party can loot the Crystal. If you find yourself with a surplus of Apexis Shards, you can use them to purchase Ogri'la tabards, which you can then sell right back to the vendor for cash.

To reach Honored, keep doing the daily quests and any other one-time quests for Ogri'la that you have yet to complete.

Honored -> Exalted

Continue to do daily quests through Honored and Revered until you reach Exalted. Once you reach Honored, there is one new daily quest you can do:

Banish More Demons [Daily]
Kronk gives a Banishing Crystal with which you must banish 15 demons at either Forge Camp: Wrath or Forge Camp: Terror. When you use the Banishing Crystal it will open up a portal. You need to slay the demons near the portal to get credit for banishing them. The portal will despawn after a period of time so you'll need to keep an eye on it and open up a new portal when it fails. You have to use up an Apexis Shard each time you want to use your Banishing Crystal - but if you've been doing the dailies, you should have plenty.

This quest is well-suited for groups, as each member gets credit for every demon banished - and only one member has to use a Shard to create a portal. It's common to ask in general chat for Blade's Edge Mountain to see if anyone would like to team up on this quest.

There's debate as to which Forge camp is easier to do, as it partially depends on which monsters you would rather fight. You may wish to try both camps to see what monsters your class abilities are better suited towards fighting.

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