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WoW Outland Quests Guide

Some of the Outland quests for the Shattered Sun Offensive grant Shattered Sun Supplies as an additional reward. These contain a random uncommon item and also have a small chance to contain a Badge of Justice as well. If you're limited on time, and after Badges of Justice, you might want to focus on these quests first.

Gaining the Advantage
This daily quest is only available to characters with gathering tradeskills (herbalism/skinning/mining). Emissary Mordin in Shattrath City wants Nether Residue, which has a chance to drop from performing these gathering tradeskills in Outland.

Ata'mal Armaments (Shadowmoon Valley)
Smith Hauthaa in the Isle of Quel'Danas offers this daily quest, which actually takes place in Outland. Head over to the Ata'mal Terrace in eastern Shadowmoon Valley, then land on the terrace and kill the fel orcs in the area for their drops, Ata'mal armaments. Watch out for the elite Shadowsworn Drakonid who patrol the area. Return with the armaments to Smith Hauthaa and cleanse them on her anvil to complete the quest.

Discovering Your Roots (subsequently Rediscovering Your Roots) (Terokkar Forest)
Mar'nah at the Sun's Reach Harbor asks you to travel to Razorthorn Rise, northeast of Shattrath City, and collect Razorthorn Roots. First, kill the Razorthorn Flayers until one drops a Razorthorn Flayer Gland. Next use the gland on a Razorthorn Ravager. The Ravager will now be your pet, with its own special action bar, and will be able to find roots with an ability on its action bar. If you're doing this in a group, only one member needs the Ravager, as party members can pick up the roots that it uncovers. This quest gives Shattered Sun Supplies as an additional reward.

The Multiphase Survey (Nagrand)
Harbinger Haronem in Shattrath City asks you to take readings in Nagrand while wearing the provided Muliphase Spectrographic Goggles. Head to Oshu'gun in southwest Nagrand and look for glowing spheres of light on the ground. You must be wearing the goggles to see them - when you get close to one, simply use the goggles to take a reading.
Intercepting the Mana Cells (subsequently Maintaining the Sunwell Portal) (Blade's Edge Mountains)
Exarch Nasuun in Shattrath wants you to go to Bash'ir Landing, atop the northwestern Blade's Edge Mountains, and obtain Smuggled Mana Cells from the ethereal there. Kill the ethereals in the area until a Bash'ir Phasing Device drops. Use that device and your character will enter a phased state. You are no longer visible to the ethereals, but now you'll have to fight off the Phase Wyrms who linger near the mana cells. Once you've collected all the cells you need, right-click on the buff to return to the normal world. You may wish to fly into the air on your flying mount before doing this to avoid finding yourself in a pack of ethereal upon returning. This quest gives Shattered Sun Supplies as an additional reward.

Sunfury Attack Plans (Netherstorm)
Lord Torvos in Shattrath wants you to obtain the Sunfury Attack Plans. They have a chance to drop from any Sunfury blood elf in Netherstorm. Look for them near any of the Manaforges, as well as other locations throughout Netherstorm. This quest gives Shattered Sun Supplies as an additional reward.

Blast the Gateway (Hellfire Peninsula)
Magister Seyla at the Throne of Kil'jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula offers you this quest and Blood for Blood (below). Immediately use the Sizzling Embers in your inventory upon taking this quest. This will create a non-combat fire pet, a Living Flare. Then, attack Incandescent Fel Sparks, the fire elementals in the area. If your Flare is in the vicinity when a Spark dies, regardless of whether you originally attacked it or not, it will appear to "power up" and grow in size. Thus, multiple people can do this quest together even if none are grouped and even if they are of different factions. If you get on a flying mount, don't fly too high or far away from your pet or it will despawn and you'll have to start over. Once your Living Flare is fully powered up to become an Unstable Living Flare, return to the green gateway right next to where you got the quest. Your Flare will roll into the portal at the center and detonate it. This quest gives Shattered Sun Supplies as an additional reward.

Blood for Blood (Hellfire Peninsula)
Magister Seyla at the Throne of Kil'jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula offers you this quest and Blast the Gateway (above). Kill Wrath Heralds to obtain Demonic Blood, then use the Fel Siphon on Emaciated Felbloods to weaken them. Once weakened, defeat the Felbloods to complete the quest. You will need one Demonic Blood for each use of the Fel Siphon.

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