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WoW Party Tips

To be a good party member you should learn about the basics of good party play.

Pick a leader and stay with your group!
Pick someone to lead the party around. Make sure it's clear to the party that they should be following that specific player. Otherwise, people will wander around and it will become a mess. Wandering players might also wake up a bunch of monsters and cause the party to die. Things are much simpler if the party just picks one person to lead the group.

People who are not leading should do what the leader says and make sure that they are always keeping up with the rest of the group. You can type "/f name" to follow a character in your group. This makes it easier to keep up. If you need to leave the keyboard, make sure you inform the group so you're not left behind. While you are lagging behind, monsters could spawn in between you and your group. When you try to return to the group, you could "train" the monsters to the group and end up killing them. Also the group might not notice that you haven't been keeping up and might expect your help during a difficult monster battle, only to die because you were not there! Remember that you can also use "/afk" (Away From Keyboard).

Make sure that everyone has the same quest. You can do this by asking them to confirm the name of the quests in their quest log. Otherwise you might get halfway into a quest before you discover that one of your party members hasn't got the quest.

Stick around until everyone has completed the quest.

Select your quests based on party size. If you can do the quest by yourself, don't waste time doing it in a party. Instead, spend time doing quests that you can't do without a party. You also might want to avoid quests that require each person in the party to collect a lot of parts. For example if the party has 5 members, and you need 20 items for each person, that ends up being 100 items you need to collect! You can complete that much faster by yourself or with a smaller group.

Some quest items that are not marked as "Quest Items" can be traded with other members in the party. If you get extra, pass them around.

If you're doing quests that require you to each collect "X" number of items, report to the party your status as you go. A good way to do it is to say "4/20". That means you have 4 out of 20 items. That lets people know how far you are and how far you have to go. Also, after a party member has completed their collection, it becomes easier for the rest of the party to collect those items; any items dropped for a person with the complete set will now be available to those in the party that still need them.

If you are doing a multiple part quest and some players are behind, you could help them catch up by doing the earlier steps of the quest. That will allow everyone to be on the same step.

Ask for a caster to "Buff" you again when the original wears off. If you're the person casting the Buffs, ask your party members to let you know when they need/want them again.

When Buffing, be sure to Buff yourself first and then the other members of your Party. When your Buffs begin to drop, you will automatically know that your Party members' Buffs are about to drop soon as well.

Party Roles
Each class often has particular strengths in a Party; see Party Roles for more information. Assign each character roles which make best use of their strengths in the situations you are likely to encounter

Don't Run!
It is important not to run, even if you're about to die, unless the whole party is running. If you run you will likely wake up more monsters or travel to some place where it will be more difficult to resurrect you. Ask for help and stand still so that the tanks can come and taunt them off you or kill the monster. Don't run in circles either because the melee players won't be able to reach the monster.

Stop attacking the monster so that you don't rack up points in their hate memory/list. You might even want to just die instead of getting the rest of the party killed. You can be resurrected once the battle is over.


  • Let your party know if you see a monster patrolling near that might attack unexpectedly.
  • Let your party know if you have to leave your computer.
  • Let your party know if you are low on Mana if you are required to have Mana for a battle.
  • Let your party know if you spot anything they are looking for, such as specific monsters, landmarks, or even trade skill nodes (Mining/Herbalism).
  • Let your party know if you're about to die and you need healing (if you're unsure if they will heal).
  • If you are a caster, let your party know if monsters are attacking you so they can stop attackers if someone isn't already drawing them off of you.
  • Be reasonable in your communication. You don't need to spam or repeat yourself, or otherwise annoy the players you're asking to help you.
Pay Attention/Keep Up
Don't spend time watching TV, reading, or diverting your attention away to some other distraction. The game usually requires your full attention.

Don't Wake Up Slept/Disabled Monsters
Players put monsters out of the battle to make the battle easier. Don't wake them up. Make sure you say sorry if you do and try to correct this in the future. Casters should also make sure they don't try to sleep monsters that are already being attacked.

Pool Resources
If you pool your money together you can often buy something good for a party member that will help the party. This should mainly be done only if you are playing with good friends or guild mates.

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