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WoW Sporeggar Tips

The enigmatic Sporeggar make their home in western Zangarmarsh. Raising your reputation with them will involve a combination of one-time and repeatable quests, and killing certain monsters in Zangarmarsh.

Every player will begin at Unfriendly reputation level. Seek Fahssn near the Spawning Glen in southwest Zangarmarsh to pick up some repeatable quests. These quests, involving turning in Fertile Spores and Bog Lord Tendrils, can be repeated until Friendly.

You will receive reputation for killing marsh beasts in Zangarmarsh - Fungal Giants and Bog Lords in the Spawning Glen and Dead Mire, and Marsh Dredgers and Marsh Lurkers in Funggor Cavern. These marsh beasts will give reputation all the way up to revered.

Once you are neutral with Sporeggar, you can get additional quests in the actual Sporeggar camp:
  • A quest to collect Glowcaps, which grow in Zangarmarsh. This quest can be repeated until Friendly.
  • Two one-time only quests will send you to The Underbog (in Coilfang Resevoir) to collect items. Another quest asks you to Escort Fhwoor.
  • Gshaff wants 10 Fertile Spores from Spore Bats and Marsh Walkers. Young Spore Bats do not drop this. This quest is available at Friendly reputation and repeatable through Exalted.
  • You can continue to collect Sanguine Hibiscus in the Underbog (normal or Heroic) through Exalted. These are looted off monsters or can be found growing inside the dungeon.
  • At Friendly, you can start the repeatable quest "Now That We're Friends..." which requires you to kill Naga. It can be efficient to find a group to repeat this quest to gain reputation faster.
  • At Exalted, you will be offered the one-time escort quest, "Fhwoor Smash!"
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