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WoW Some Healing Tips

Resto can be pretty awesome in healing 5man groups I've recently learned. Now don't quote me 100% on this for heroic instances, and definatly don't try this on raids if you're a main healer to someone, but for normal 70 5man instances, or hell maybe even much lower ones try this out, it works well for me.

Key Things to have/use. Healing Way 3ranks, Restorative Totems 5 ranks, Earth Shield, Imp Healing Wave 5 ranks

In combat key Totem- Healing Stream Totem.
Key ability to still use- Healing Wave Rank 1 and Rank 2, Healing Wave (rank down to match how much healed for your max Lesser Healing Wave)
Key ability to try not and touch- Lesser Healing Wave (just way too mana inefficient)
Helpful stats and such to have- a nice balance between +MP5 while casting and +Healing

Heres what you do and its really easy.
Step 1: Combat starts, tank has Earth Shield, have Healing Stream Totem out, and cast Healing Wave (Rank 1) three times on the tank to build up Healing Way to 3.
Step 2: Turn your shaman into a personal HoT spell and just spam Healing Wave (Rank 2) on the tank
Step 3: Throw out some misc. heals on other party members to keep life up and if tank is missing about a quarter of their life go ahead and cast the Healing Wave (ranked down to how much your Lesser Healing Wave heals) or if their life is below half cast one hell of a potent Healing Wave (Your max rank)
Step 4: Make sure Healing Way stays up on the tank refreash it as well as Earth Shield.
Step 5: Between your Earth Shield healing every 2 hits, your Healing Stream every 2 sec, and your spamming of Healing Wave (Rank 2) it will generally keep the tank healthy and alive.

This is how I heal at least, figured I would share the method used for me and it makes it all very easy for me to do, hell I can get through some boss fights (level 70, but not heroic) without even using a quarter of my mana.

The statistics to it all based off my gear at least. I have +1k bonus healing and +125 MP5 while casting.
Healing Wave Rank 1 (with Healing Way 3)- Heals 260hp for only 25mp and 1sec cast
Healing Wave Rank 2 (With Healing Way 3)- Heals 380hp for only 45mp and 1.5 sec cast
Earth Shield- Heals about +600hp every two hits
Healing Stream Totem- Heals about +86hp every 2 sec.

So grand total, every 1.5sec the tank gets healed 380hp, Every two hits or so Earth Shield gives him back 600hp, and every 2 seconds hes gaining +86hp from Healing stream. Mix that all together, you are a very potent and very mana efficient healer. For 5man runs you can top being more mana efficient than a priest, druid, or even paladin. Priest or Druid because sure they have a HoT spell, but they can't spam a very useful Rank 1 Heal and such because they don't have an ability to stack the effectiveness.

I'm constantly casting so i'm constantly generating that mp5 while casting

Now if Healing Way get nerfed for w/e odd reason, well then GG that cuts it an this class is at its last thread to be effective.

For Heroic (New)
I ran a couple as of recently, and like the person below stated, yes that is a major issue, but also its not so bad either, You can get away with this method, but don't be dependent on it at all just know how to guage your allies HP is all. This method is a great way just to keep the tanks HP up a little bit till you have to use a bigger heal and for trinkets that proc off abilities great for those too and Ancestrial Fortitude if you have it. Honestly as far as I can tell for this whole way the only thing I have never been able to get away with using this healing method is in raids.

Good luck and I hope you give it a try and is useful for you as much as it is for me.

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