WoW Darnassus Guide

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Darnassus is the capital city of Night Elves, proud members of the Alliance. The city stands within the new world tree, Teldrassil, which is slowly being tainted with the corruption left behind by the Burning Legion. That's not the only problem that faces this new city, other strange magical powers are slowly creeping their way into the homeland of the Night Elves.

Darnassus is currently ruled by Tyrande Whisperwind, the high priestess of the moon who currently resides within the Temple of the Moon. Outside of managing the day to day business of the city, Tyrande also runs the “Sisters”. The Sisters are the leaders of the Night Elves religion.

There is also another ruler within the city. Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm is the current leader of the Cenarion Enclave, which is the order that is over all druids. He rules in the absence of the hero Malfurion, who was lost in the emerald dream during the third war.

There is not much history to the city of Darnassus itself, but to the people who occupy it. The original world tree was destroyed at the end of the third world, leaving the Night Elves a mortal race (since the world tree gives them immortality). Fandral Staghelm (now arch-druid) led a group of Druids northward to plant a new world tree. However, nature itself did not approve of this move, leaving this new world tree susceptible to the corruption spreading by the Burning Legion.

Darnassus contains most of the niceties of the other cities, but due to its remote location and distance from population locations, is often much less popular then Ironforge and Stormwind. It’s also very difficult from anyone but Night Elves to travel to before level twenty. There are also no Mage, Warlock, or Paladin trainers within the city, mostly due to their dislike of the arcane arts and the conflicting religion of the Paladins. However, any player of any class (of the Alliance) may enter the city and be treated as an equal.

The only way into the city and surrounding area (from the outside) is through a teleporter in Rut'theran Village. Simply walk through the teleporter to enter the city.

Getting to Darnassus

As a Night Elf – Night Elves only need to travel the road southwest through Teldrassil. They will eventually arrive to the gates of Darnassus.

As a Dwarf, Gnome, or Human – The way to Darnassus is a long and perilous journey early on since you have to journey through a level 20+ zone to head toward Kalimdor. The first goal would be to travel to Ironforge (see our travel guide). From Ironforge follow the road eastward (through Loch Modan) until you reach Loch Modan. Simply continue following the road (it will head northward) until you arrive at a mountain tunnel. Head through this tunnel into a very dangerous marshland zone with your new destination being Menethil Harbor. Head north on this road until it splits three ways (north, west, south). Take the westward path and continue until you arrive to the city of Menthil Harbor (if you get lost there are signs on the road). When you arrive, take the north boat to Kalimdor and Darkshore. From there, simple take the adjacent boat (at the docks) to Darnassus! If you find yourself dieing frequently, take off your armor to avoid the duration loss. If you are below level 10 a lot of the enemies on the way will finish you in one or two hits with or without armor.

Map Notes

  • Class vendors / suppliers, such as poison venders for rogues and tailoring suppliers for tailors, are located with the class trainer
  • A much easier way to find your way around town is to talk with the guards (ones without a formal name or title). They'll mark many popular locations right on your minimap and full map, and point you in the correct direction.
  • Darnassus is a very small city compared to Stormwind or Ironforge. Paladin trainers are absent (due to conflicts in religion), therefore any Paladins who need training in Kalimdor will need to go to Theramore Island. Mining and Blacksmithing trainers are outside of the city of Darnassus as well.
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