WoW Mulgore Guide

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The Tauren claimed the verdant valley of Mulgore as their own after their new allies and brothers, the orcs, swept back the troublesome centaur. Under the enlightened leadership of Cairne Bloodhoof, Thunder Bluff was built as an impregnable central city for the Tauren atop Mulgore's mesas. New Tauren start their lives far to the south, in a protective enclosure known as Camp Narache in the Red Cloud Mesa. Here you'll meet several of the Tauren racial enemies, the most prevalent of which is the boar-like humanoids known as bristlebacks. Bloodhoof Village is located in about the center of the region. It's actually at the foot of Stonebull Lake, a great place to fish if you have any interest. Around this area you'll come across Venture Company humanoids and Bael'Dun miners; those who the Tauren say seek to defile the land for the sake of greed. Far to the northeast, you'll find the Tauren sacred burial grounds of Red Rocks, defiled by bristlebacks. Harpies control the fringe lands of this region, and everywhere you go, you'll find savage prowlers and prairie wolves.

The least you need to know

Generally speaking, you'll fly through the lower levels faster (and, in my opinion, more enjoyably) if you work your way through quests rather than attempt to grind for experience (that is, to simply kill every creature you come across that offers experience benefits like some level-happy psycho).

If this is your first time out, quests are given by non-player characters (NPCs) with a yellow exclamation above their head, and generally require you to kill certain things and/or deliver items (or pickup items), and reward you with bonus experience and sometimes items or coin.

The natural progression, levels 1-10, is to complete the quests in the starting area in Red Cloud Mesa (sweeping through the Brambleblade Ravine area), then proceed west then northeast to Bloodhoof Village. Questlines here will push you all the way to level 10. After you finish just about all the quests in Mulgore, explore the principal Tauren city of Thunder Bluff (north on the map), head towards the Barrens for your teen levels.

Other quick notes: if you plan to pick up the primary professions of skinning, mining, or herbalism (you can only choose one!) the sooner you can shell out the silver to the trainers in Thunder Bluff (leatherworking and first aid trainers can be found in Bloodhoof Village as well), the better. Mulgore is rich with resources of every type, and the sooner you get started, the less backtracking through easier areas to progress your skill you'll have to do (this is especially true of the skinning profession).

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