WoW Exodar Guide

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On the western edge of Azuremyst Isle in the Veiled Sea, stands the Draenei city, the Exodar. The Exodar was built from a portion of the remains of the Draenei's crashed ship. The Draenei are led by the Prophet Velen, the very leader who rejected the offer to join the Burning Crusade.

The history of the Exodar is a short one. Formerly a satellite around Tempest Keep, the Exodar was hijacked by the Draenei and used to escape the onslaught of the Burning Crusade on their home planet of Draenor (now called the Outlands). Miscalculations caused the ship to crash on Azuremyst Isle on Azeroth. The Draenei joined the Alliance and the ship was turned into a city, a means of trade and training for any who care to venture there.

The Draenei are in a state of repairing and building that which was broken in the crash that brought them to Azeroth. The city has class trainers, profession trainers, a bank and auction house, and many vendors willing to buy goods that are brought in.

Getting to the Exodar

As a Human, Dwarf, Gnome - You must first make your way to Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. This can be dangerous for those under level 20. From there, take the boat Auberdine. A boat connects Valaar's Berth on Azuremyst Isle to the western Auberdine dock. When you arrive at Valaar's Berth, the entrance to the Exodar lies just a bit to your left after you leave the dock.

As a Night Elf - First, go through the Darnassus portal on the coastline and catch a hippogriff or boat to the city of Auberdine. Once you've arrived, head for the docks. The western dock will lead you to a boat that will take you to Valaar's Berth. The entrance to the Exodar lies just a bit to your left after you leave the dock.

Don't forget to speak with the flightmaster at Auberdine and at the Exodar to make return trips easier.

There is also a way to get to the Exodar from the Outlands. Go to Shattarath City in the Terrokar Forest. In the center of the city there are a series of portals. Right-click on the portal for the Exodar to be transported there!

Map Notes

  • Class vendors / suppliers, such as poison venders for rogues and tailoring suppliers for tailers, are located with the class trainer
  • A much easier way to find your way around town is to talk with the guards (ones without a formal name or title). They'll mark many popular locations right on your minimap and full map, and point you in the correct direction.


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