WoW Mulgore Walkthrough Guide

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Starting out in Camp Narache / Red Cloud Mesa

You'll start off facing Grull Hawkwind, who offers you a quest: The Hunt Begins. Head into the nearby longhouse and speak to Chief Hawkwind to get A Humble Task. Head southeast of the village to the well, killing plainstriders along the way. Talk to the Chief's mother and gather the water, then finish up "The Hunt Begins" and head back to the village to complete the quests.The Chief offers Rites of the Earthmother and Grull gives you The Hunt Continues and Verdant Note. The latter is a simple quest to show you your class trainer, complete it before going back to the hunt for some easy experience.

At level 3, Brave Windfeather has an additional task for you: Break Sharptusk!. This quest will take you east to Brambleblade Ravine, but don't attempt this quite yet. There are 2 other quests that require fighting in Brambleblade Ravine, and you'll have to complete "Rites of the Earthmother" and "The Hunt Continues" to get them. So head south and slightly west, and you should see Seer Graytongue atop a hill near the mountains. He gives you Rite of Strength. On your way, kill as many Mountain Cougars as you can. When you return to Grull with the "Hunt" quest completed, he'll offer you The Battleboars. You now have three quests for Brambleblade Ravine, and it's time to head east to complete them! As inventory space can become a problem at this point, you may want to drop your hearthstone. Don't worry, you can pick up another from any innkeeper, and it really doesn't do you any good at this point.

Fight your way in, there's plenty of Battleboars and Quillboars inside too.Follow the righthand path, then take the left path to get to the chief. He lives in a larger building, and you should carefully pull single mobs at and around the entrance first; you'll want to fight him singly. When you have his head, return triumphantly to Camp Narache and turn in your quests. Chief Hawkwind has one last task for you, to continue "Rites of the Earthmother" by heading west then northeast to Bloodhoof Village. As you begin your journey, you'll come across Antur Fallow. She offers A Task Unfinished, a simple delivery quest to Bloodhoof village.

Bloodhoof Village Quests

You'll find several quests waiting for you in Bloodhoof Village (swim across if you like; there's no danger as long as you keep your head above water). First off, check in with the Innkeeper to complete "Task Unfinished" and set your hearthstone to that location (once every 60 minutes you can teleport there by clicking the hearthstone). Then speak to Baine Bloodhoof in the middle of the village to complete "Rites of the Earthmother". He'll offer Sharing the Land and Rite of Vision. Harken Windtotem would like you to complete Swoop Hunting, Ruul Windtotem offers Dangers of the Windfury, Muul Thunderhorn gives you (the quest, heh) Poison Water, and finally Maur Raincaller would like you to complete Mazzarnache. Whew, that's a handful, so let's get started!

First, stop at Zarlman Two-Moons in Bloodhoof, who advances the "Rite of the Vision" questline. In a moment, you'll proceed southeast to Winterhoof Well to gather Zarlman's well stones and ambercorn. Clear out enough of one side of the well of Venture Co. mobs to advance inward and collect your wellstones. Ambercorn you can find at the foot of the many trees in the area (click to open, and be sure to "loot" the ambercorn from the dialogue that opens). But be sure to work on "Poison Water" as you go along, keeping a sharp eye out for swoops for "Swoop Hunting" and the various animals you need to kill for "Mazzarnache". You'll find these creatures roaming just about all the wide open spaces in the zone. Head slightly northeast to find Morin Cloudstalker along the road (he wanders a bit along the road). He wants you to check out the Ravaged Caravan. I'd suggest leaving this one alone till you hit level 7 (it's hard to see the aggro), and turn in the quests you've completed in Bloodhoof Village.

More quests! Mull gives you Winterhoof Cleansing and (afterward) Thunderhorn Totem, Baine gives Dwarven Digging, and talk to Zarlman to continue your "Vision" quest. Zarlman gives you water to drink that summons a ghostly wolf. Go ahead and right click the water now (if you have about 10 minutes to play follow the ghost wolf leader, that is); the wolf will lead you to Seer Wiserunner, who continues the questline with Rite of Wisdom. A bit south of the cave you'll find the Bael'Dun dig site for "Dwarven Diggers" - gather the tools, but I'd recommend holding on to them rather than attempting to use the dwarves' forge to break the tools (the forge there will require you to fight nasties every few moments). Head directly east, and use the guerilla tactics you took advantage of at Winterhoof Well to venture into the Ravaged Caravan and examine a crate there. Make sure you clear the aggro, because you'll have to stay put for a good 45 seconds or so to advance the quest.

Return to Morin Cloudstalker (along the north road) to continue the "Caravan" quest (next up is killing Venture Co. supervisors and workers) and also get Fitzsprocket's Clipboard. Go through Bloodhoof to clear out inventory space, then you're probably ready to work on "Sharing the Land".

Swim through Stonebull Lake heading due east to come to Palemane Rock. These mobs range from level 5 to level 8, and the toughest mobs - the poachers - reside deep inside the cave. On the way back, stop at Winterhoof Well to "cleanse" it if you haven't already done so. Turn in your quests in Bloodhoof, and pick up the Thunderhorn Cleansing totem from Mull. The Thunderhorn well is to the north of Bloodhoof, take care of it as you head northeast to the Venture Co. Mine. But before you do that, grab The Hunter's Way from Melor Stonehoof and keep an eye out for Flatland Cougars along the way.

At the Venture Co. Mine. Work your way upward (yup, upward!) through the mine, killing supervisors and workers along the way. Fitzsprocket lives on the upper level of the mine on the outside of the mountain face. On your way in, you'll find a forge you can use to break those dwarven tools! Turn in these two quests in Bloodhoof, and get the last well cleansing quest (hooray!) from Mull - Wildmane Totem. You should also be able to grab A Sacred Burial from Lorekeeper Raintotem. Proceed northeast to work on harpies for "Dangers of the Windfury." When you reach the harpies, close quickly with the Storm Witches, they're casters and pack a punch, but are fairly fragile.

Head to nearby Red Rocks and take out any Prairie Alpha Males you see along the way. At Red Rocks, take out the Interlopers for "A Sacred Burial" as you work your way in to complete the "Rite of Wisdom" quest. Head back to Bloodhoof to turn in your completed quests. Go ahead and take care of Wildmane Cleansing now, which should put you close to Thunder Bluff and pretty much take care of your Bloodhoof Village quests. Well, the ones that don't require you to journey to the Tauren city, that is, since that's our next stop!

Thunder Bluff

You've probably seen a series of mesas rising far above as you journeyed toward Red Rocks. This is the noble Tauren city of Thunder Bluff, and it's time you paid a visit! The main elevators are located on the southeast face of the central mesa. Upon arriving at the top, you'll notice that it's a long way down. Watch your step! Ahead of you is Eyahn Eagletalon, who offers the grammatically perplexing quest: Preparation for Ceremony. Press "M" to open your map and get your bearings (walking around in Thunder Bluff with your map open isn't advisable!) and head to the Hunter's Rise to complete "The Hunter's Way." Melor tells you to report to Segra Darkthorn at the Crossroads in the Barrens (another region entirely) for further tasks. Journey over the nearby bridge to meet with Cairne Bloodhoof at last. He'll reward you for "Rites of the Earthmother" and ask you to kill Arra'chea, a kodo that wanders the plains below. You'll likely find Arra'chea wandering the lands east of Thunder Bluff. You've already found the harpies for "Preparation for Ceremony", though there seems to be a better chance of the requisite feathers dropping from the harpies to the north of Thunder Bluff.

Congratulations, you've completed every beginner's quest Mulgore has to offer. Head east to the Barrens and begin your adventure anew!

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